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My part

@Dawn - very pretty! I really love that beige floral paper.

@Rachel - I'm normally not into yellow, orange, etc. but you used them so well and so fearlessly - those cards turned out really nice!

Thank you @Marcy

Thank you, Marcy

Those papers, Pauline! I am squealing with delight Such amazing splashes of color.

@Pauline wow!!!!! Yummy artsy papers!

Love this blog train! Very beautiful parts so far!

My part is this one:

WOW oh WOW, Pauline, I can hardly wait to download those papers!

@ Sonia, love your papers, the patterns are so delicate

PAULINE. I'm. Dying. Over. Your. Papers.

Rachel, I love love LOVE yours too! smiley I haven't made anything... but looking here now I feel like I should throw something together.

Pauline, I shall join Erin in death at your papers (but I'll hold off until after I download them, of course.)


@Sonia - love your papers too, especially the tiny flowers!

Wow...loving the kits so far! Hummm...still not quite sure what I'll make this month. Either way, I'm so excited to download so many beautiful goodies smiley

Thanks guys! Glad you like them.

I think this month's palette (& kits) are my very favorite since the mid-century Christmas blog train. I can't wait to download all the pretties!

Pauline-great artsy papers. Can't wait to really see them and use them!
Rachel--what fun cards and your use of the colors are so bright and happy!
Sonia--love all of your paper designs. I always love the papers with words made for the theme and the cute small flower paper.
Just waiting on all the rest to post when it is time.

I love the colors too. I wanted to make something but I doubt i'm going to have time. I might try making something very late. I'm participating in the Month of Challenges at The Lily Pad....and it's a layout a day. I've been overwhelmed with it and making sure I feed my children.

You mean you actually FEED YOUR CHILDREN?!?!?
Erin, you crack me up!

Wow - you're way braver than I am, Erin!! Every year I think I'd love to do their 31 day challenge but just thinking about it makes me practically hyperventilate at the idea of doing 31 layouts & trying to keep on top of it. I'm giving you a standing ovation, which you likely can't see smiley, for being brave enough to jump in!

Same here, loving all the wonderful creations, Sunny's and Pauline's papers will be played with first but I haven't finished dl'ing the January train....


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