Feb 2021 Blog Train - Comments

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Feb 2021 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until February 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.


i have a question. I am not sure how to post my kit preview. I know you are not supposed to post it in your gallery and link it like a layout - I have done this cause i didn't know what else to do. Don't know what you are supposed to do. Thanks

Sarah, for a preview, I upload my preview image to imgur.com (it's free to post images there after registering) After I've uploaded the image, I click on it, select the "copy" button beside BBcode. I then paste it (control & V in Windows) to paste the link into my message here.

When I go back to the site to look at the images I've uploaded, I select my user name in the top right hand corner, then click on images.

For previews, I found the following size works well for me:
8.5 X 8.5 inches at 72 dpi.

thanks Anne

What a awesome job everyone has done! WOW! Everyone really went out! I have struggled with coming up with a end result this month. I will get it done but it is def. been a challenge. I will get mine posted tomorrow night. IF the Good Lords willing and the creek don't rise.... smiley

Nae, I love that phrase. Reminds me of my time in Arkansas when I was a kid. Only I hear it in my head as "if da good Lord's willin' n' da crick don' rise". Even though I've been in the north for most of my adult life, I still find myself speaking southern if I'm in a conversation with someone from there. My husband can always tell if I've been around a southern accent!

I heard that my while life as well. If you ever heard me you would understand. I am COUNtry.... HA HA! I was born and raised in Tennessee all my family live there. I have lived in Arkansas for the past 10 years because my husband transferred here with his job. I guess I will always have that huge southern accent. I am ok with it. smiley All my family is from a small town called Frog Jump which is where I grew up until I moved. Which explains it all. LOL smiley I am still working on this kit. It is going to be a wedding theme. My daughter is getting married in June so this is perect timeing.... LOL I will be back later with my kit. You have a Blessed night.♥ xx Nae

oops "whole life"... LOL

Oh Wow ladies these are all amazing. I love the earthy feel of all of the kits. Janet your kit is sublime! I love the frame with the clusters and I think they will be so blessed to see it! It was so fun to do a kit with the thought it might be in a scrapbook for their wedding!

This months contributions all look amazing. Thank you everyone.

I also struggled this month and basically had exactly nothing til today. but I managed to come up with a few bits finally this afternoon. I’m hoping to have it pulled together ready to post some time tomorrow, but I may end up posting late.

Nae, this cracks me up! Thank you for the trip down memory lane! I only lived in Arkansas from 3rd to 7th grade, so I wasn't there long enough to get a PERMANENT accent, but I think accents are awesome! I spent those 4 years in a town called Bismark, not far from Arkadelphia and Little Rock. God bless you too, and your daughter as she gets married!

Thank you so much for this wonderful blogtrain! You all are so talented!

Love all the lovely designs! I really struggled with this palette, for some reason, which is why I have more papers than elements.

Question - am I the only one that can't see previews from Tricia (Desert Digi-Scrap)? All I see is a circle with a line in it. This is not a big deal as I always like her stuff so I just go get it...LOL...but I'm wondering if there's something going on with my computer.

I agree, lots of wonderful kits. Thank you to all the designers for all your work.

Tina Golden, you aren't alone, I can't see Tricia (Desert Digi-Scrap)'s preview either.

Great train! I love all those Rustic Wedding kits! smiley

@Sarah Evans I am getting a "You need access" "Ask for access, or switch to an account with access." for your download link. I think the url you would need for sharing a google drive item would be located by clicking the yellow "Share" button [should be at the top right] & on the next screen is a "Get Link". Pretty sure you need to click "copy link" to get the correct shareable link for your kit. I don't share much from mydrive so I am not 100% familiar with it, but that's what I have had to do for the few things I needed shareable.

@Tina no its not only you. I don't see them as well. Like you I see the same gray circle. Tho I was beginning to think it was only my end since some do comment on her previews. smiley

Thank you

Yes, I've seen others comment, too, which is why I thought it might be my computer. I'm trying to save for a new one, with more RAM, but I need to hold onto this one until I can get a newer one.

Has anyone else had. problem downloading my portion? I got a message that it comes up "page not found" but I can't figure out where the problem is. It seems to all go through ok for me.

I didn't have any issues with yours, Jill.

Thanks Tina!

Thank you everyone for sharing your amazing designs with us!

Thanks so much Kelly, it was a very fun one to put together!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
That's how I would describe this blog train!
Thank you everyone for your beautiful designs!

Thank you for all your wonderful designs! It was a bit difficult for me to have a "Love" kit with those colors (maybe I'm more traditional than expected!) but finally I think I got it and made a kit that goes with the rest, and all are lovely!

When I click on the link for Lil Monkey Shine Designs, my computer won't let me go to the page because it says that someone is trying to steal my information. I'm so bummed because I love the kit.

Ladies, I haven't commented in a while but this train definitely deserves some kudos. These are all beautiful but Jessica Dunn somehow manages to make me sigh every time. Jessica, your work is splendid!

@Steph Kimens Hmmm, not sure why it would say that. It's just a wordpress.com site and a dropbox link.

Here is a direct link to dropbox. Hopefully that will work for you. Let me know if it does not.

Thank you, Jennifer. I got the same message Steph did.
Thank you to all designers. Beautiful train and beautiful kits!

Gorgeous gifts of love and beauty, such a breath of fresh air for us all. My wife and I wanted to Thank you all for sharing your talent with us and reminding us that love still exists in the world.

Jennifer, I, too, got that message that the others mentioned.
But I really wanted it so I hit Google up and searched using "lilmonkeyshinedesigns" and found it that way, and got to the dropbox through your site.
I don't know why the link attached to the kit didn't take you to it, but the direct link you just posted here DOES work.
Thank you!

@Jennifer It's NOT your site, I'm about 99.99999% sure of that. I'm pretty sure it's the www you have in your link that is flagging Chrome. If I visit https://www.lilmonkeyshinedesigns.wordpress.com Chrome throws a tantrum. If I do https://lilmonkeyshinedesigns.wordpress.com Chrome lets it go thru just fine.

I have actually stopped using Chrome and have very happily been using Opera [who has VISUAL bookmarks!!] so when I visited your site I had NO problems. Beautiful mini btw - thank you!!! I only keep Chrome around for testing stuff now. I miss Google when, even in beta, they were literally the best search engine on the planet. Yes back in 1999 they rocked! Now - not so much. smiley

ETA: Not saying anyone else should switch browsers - I was just excited to find they have visual bookmarks and I've been fed up with Chrome/google for awhile now lol!