February 2014: In Progress

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February 2014: In Progress

The theme is "Be Mine." The blog train will go live on February 1, see here for more instructions.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here.

I'm currently away from my desktop, which makes glitter making difficult. If anyone else wants to volunteer to make glitter files, wonderful, let us know below. Or else I can make them around Jan 10, if you want to wait. Let me know!

I can make them but there wouldn't be any styles, just png. smiley

Here ya go! Like I said, just png, but if you want them here they are:

Here's the download link:[http://www.mediafire.com/download/6dain6l46sdqsys/PSFeb14_Dreamn4everDesigns_BeMineBT_glitters.zip]

Feel free to download or wait for styles. Just a heads-up; I changed to color # on the purple to 736270, as the # listed was a fuschia color.

Wow Pauline You're Fast... i love your glitters... Can't wait to have mine done!!

The colors are sooooooo great and I love the title of the new blogtrain

@Pauline.....I love your glitterstyles, I downloaded them....thank you so very much!!!!

preview smiley

I took down all my photos and the image was in that folder. So I'm putting it out again now. (jan.07-2014)

Wow Monica, your fast! Beautiful texture!

Thank you Pauline,great glitter.

Beautiful color palette, I voted for this one, I can't wait to start my portion! smiley

Pauline the glitters are beautiful! Thank you!! Already d/l them.

Monica, I absolutely love the textures in your papers!! Gives me some ideas...

I hope I can come up with something this month...I'm just not into Valentine themes and Be Mine, to me, is definitely a Valentine theme. smiley I do like the color palette even though I didn't vote for it. I preferred the ones with more variety in colors. But I'm not giving up - I'll find a way to create something that will fit the theme if it kills me! smiley Now to get my thinking cap on...I was headed in a totally different direction before the vote was in.

I will try to participate in this blog train.........and thank you Pauline for making the matching glitter!

Regarding the palette - could someone verify the number of the color on the purple/lavender color? My match is #a08896. #732366 turns up as a very deep purple, for me. All other colors and their numbers match. All monitors are different, so I just want to check before I begin.

Sunny- My results were the same as yours regarding the purple #732366.

I'm getting the same #a08896 as well.

I agree about the color #. I went back and changed the purple glitter.

Here's the link for the new purple glitter:[http://www.mediafire.com/download/4k6gzhre1qf3z63/PSFeb14_Dreamn4everDesigns_BeMineBT_purple+glitter.zip]

You can get the new color (it is slightly different) or use the old one. smiley

Hi ! This would b my first Blog Train !
Which purple should I use #732366 or #a08896 ? smiley

Maria, you can use either I think. Personally I like the ao8896 one best and that's what I will use. Good luck with your first blog train! Can't wait to see your mini kit!!

I figured out yesterday how to deconstruct Marisa's glitter styles... must have been fate because I just saw this today! So here are glitter files in .png, .asl, and .pat


Lovely, thank you.

Thanks Catherine

So, are we agreeing to use either or both purples??

I think we should use the one that matched the color in the palette... its possible the darker code was a typo... I guess we won't know for sure until Marisa gets back smiley

Catherine - I was thinking the same thing..typo. The colors are too different. I just wanted to make sure so I'm not confused (not that it would matter too much. Either purple would be fine with me!).

Oooops, I´ve used both smiley

At my program that I use the purple has number: #A08896 So I think the right one of Andene is the right one smiley

Here is my preview!

you are quick Nadia! Fun kit!

Truthfully I have no idea what those numbers with the colors mean. I have been saving the palette as a picture, opening it in photoshop, and using the color picker. smiley Something tells me there is an easier way... lol.

I think if there's some dark purple in the train, it will add some fun variety... no need to redo anything you've already completed. smiley

@Catherine Thank you for making the glitter sweetie,that was so nice of you.

As for using the color pallet,i open it in psp and when i click my color picker,i will click on each color in the pallet and name it whatever the kit name we're working on is.Not sure how it's done in your program,however,i believe you can do it the same way as i am.
Hope you understand what i'm saying here.

This is my first Blog Train, nd here is a preview of what I've created.
Let me know if you think I should add more elements smiley

I can´t see my picture. I pasted the Flickr link.
What did I do wrong ? smiley

This is your link for your photo: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3802/11809490616_7a694f0eed_z.jpg

Then it will look like this:

It's not that smal, its only my doing smiley

It is a lovely kit

Thanks Monica !!! smiley


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