Hi 2021, Ideas for January, February and March

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Hi 2021, Ideas for January, February and March

Share your palette and theme ideas for the start of 2021.

Here's my suggested palette for January:

Here's my suggestion for a palette for Feb.

And a palette suggestion for March:

My January palette suggestion, with a wintery feel:

My February palette suggestion, with a lavender and relaxation feel:

My March palette suggestion, with a "lucky" feel:

P.S. I didn't put the numbers on the colors, but someone else did for the January palette, anyway.

Hard to believe we are already picking these palettes. Time goes so quickly.

@Anne such beautiful palettes ~ the one for Feb would also work so nicely for March too. smiley
@Lisel Absolutely love those smoky blues for your January suggestion! smiley If it doesn't get used I'll probably do something with it myself lol!

Anne and Lisel, you're batting 100 in my book -- love them all.

January: - celebration, new year, awakening,

February: - love, valentine, new beginnings

March: simple times, St Patrick, pets,

Anne love your palette for January, beautiful colors! smiley

Lovely colors, ladies smiley
Love all swatches, I guess Gina's March swatch would be a fun challenge . smiley

Had a look and these caught my eye. all from adobe color except last from keep it wet

I've created a special palette for February, and I'll be back to work up two more options from these suggestions.

Colors excite me!! I'm loving all these options.

for : January-theme : winter-snow-foods

Oh nice, Bourico. Hope you don't mind if I take your slightly modified, first swatch for a designer challenge, huh?

with pleasure Bina, I like these colors smiley

Everything is gorgeous!

Bourico> smiley thank you

might need to check gamut on this one...

gamut again...

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