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It is so beautiful to me to read through these posts where everyone is expressing their opinions and making sure to be considerate of everyone else's. THANK YOU for BEING the change we all want to see in the world!
I love you guys, so much.
The people of PixelScrapper are unmatched in their generosity and love in action!

Regarding palettes and themes:
I REALLY like the PALETTES: Rachel's frozen treats, Amanda's shades of blue, Amanda's make a friend (especially the purple and green), and Amanda's barnyard, Dawn's Sante Fe or southwest, Rachel's salt life.
I really like the THEMES: frozen treats (or I could see a wedding theme with the same colors), farmstead, salt life, laugh with me, shades of blue and make a friend.

No matter what, I will LOVE what Marisa comes up with for final choices!
smiley smiley smiley

OFF TOPIC: Talking about swatches.

I googled 'Santa Fe color swatches' last night, and thought that this swatch could be in the results.. pls join us here smiley

I love the Homestead/Farm idea! Just because it was brought up, the England kit (although I have never been) has been wonderful kits for me for family history albums. I would love to see kits from other countries, at some point in time just for this reason. I am currently working of some great grandparents that immigrated to the USA from Scotland and would love more stuff than I have found. All of my pages are starting to look a like lol. I also will have some coming up to work on from Germany.

I love seeing all these great ideas! There are already so many lovely palettes and theme suggestions made! smiley

I love Dawn's "Dragons & Castles" palette and theme!!! And I also really like Amanda's "Laugh with me", "Bold Summer" and "Galaxy Dreams" palettes and themes. It sure is going to be hard just to pick a few! smiley

I spent too long looking at all these colors, and in the end decided to switch things up a bit. What do you think? I think I may go ahead and set these three palettes for the next three months. There should be enough options each month to make everyone happy.

I like the idea of opening up the theme. The blog train is big enough that anything beyond a really broad theme seems like too much to me. Like, I don't need that many kits themed around ice cream, but maybe a couple?

Marisa, what a great idea to make 2 versions of the color palettes and the idea of opening up the theme!

We really appreciate your point of view!

Bina, I love your color palette!

I think having a narrower theme works when the blog train pieces are smaller kits, but given that the PS blog train is on the large size, opening it up sounds good.

I wonder if people would mind stating which theme theirs centers around, so those of us who like to keep their kits thematically-grouped could have sub-folders for the different sub-themes of the train, with "generic" kits in a root folder? All it would require on the designers' end is them saying "This kit is 'Desert Nights' themed," or "This kit is 'Friendship' themed" (to use the first palette as an example), and then those who download it can more easily sort it. smiley

Opening up the theme like that is a neat idea, definitely. I could get used to that.

Marisa: love the way this looks now. Many thanks. smiley The limited swatches underneath the extended ones are visually very helpful for me. Great learning just looking at that for a bit.
Sonia: Thank you so much, I am so happy you are considering joining us!
Amanda: A great idea. smiley
I also appreciate a more general/ open theme.

Very nice I like it! Great compromise for everyone!

Amanda, I don't mind to state my themes, it is a good idea to keep all kits organized!

I will go on:

- Beach (Marisa's 2nd palette)

-Barnyard (Marisa's 3rd palette)

and.... (misterious music)...what will Sonia do for the 3rd?....tadaaaaa!

-Santa Fe!! (clap, clap, clap)

I was just jocking, no intention to offend, just I am in a good humor! XOXO in the distance!

Lol, Sonia! I love your sense of humor. smiley

Love it, Sonia. smiley

I actually LOVE this idea! The BT seems to just get bigger each month, and I know, in the past, I've seen members opt out because they weren't "feeling" the theme, this really makes it SO versatile! Awesome collaboration!

I've been weirdly very pleased with this update and I keep thinking about it. I guess because we've been doing it for so long it feels good to come up with something new?

Marisa --- I think this is a great idea. Many of the digiscrap stores have a monthly thing where everyone uses the same colors, but the themes of their kits are all different. Plenty of room for individual creativity and yet, plenty of elements that can be mix-and-matched between the kits. "New" is good smiley

I absolutely get it and agree! Innovative! Great word! This will be so fun! I'm thoroughly excited!

What a good idea! Plenty of scope for variation and as Diane mentioned you could still mix & match. Plus - if people use just specific portions of the palette etc there will be more variation between the kits.

Looking forward to it.


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