Ideas for Oct, Nov & Dec 2020

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Ideas for Oct, Nov & Dec 2020

Looking for palette suggestions for October, November and December of 2020.

Not really set on any theme/topic, October can be enough of theme smiley

Edit JULY 3rd
Browsing previous ideas, I found these gems, lookie

December (Marisa,Erin)

November (Marisa), love it. Would make for a great (Aussie) summer swatch as well, thinking November


October with some green added:


I'd love to see a cheerful traditional Christmas kit. It is so hard to find a blog train from that time of year without a pop of color I just won't use. I have kits with teal, hot pink, lime green, ... can we just this once be classic? smiley

I remember last year, maybe, my proposal was Movember for November, I still think it could be funny!

And what about "Blue Jeans and Sneakers"?

And a Halloween theme, pleaaaaseee!

Still love the Movember palette, Sonia!

Here are some ideas from me. I'm throwing my hat in for a Halloween vibe too. Here's a muted Halloween one that looks like it'll play well with Sonia's:

Here's a pastel Christmas palette, in the vein of last year's "let's do something different from the usual rich red and pine green palette":

And I still like the idea of trying out a mostly-greyscale palette with a pop or two of color, so here's a recreation of Sonia's previous monochrome palette, with a foil/glitter option and a pop of color in the designer's choice. Not holding my breath on this one, but wanted to put that idea out there again:

I am LOVING Tricia's October palette, those colors together just sing!
And the "blue jeans and sneakers" palette is so unique, I love it too!

Thank you Lisel, and thank you Amanda!
Oh, Bina! You uploaded new palettes! I love the last one!

Sonia: smiley
I love all of the swatches here, as usual smiley

Bina, I have many cute rain boots to make that rainny day colors theme or palette!;)
The Aussy Summer idea and colors are lovely, I think it would be nice to have a Summer kit with those winterly colors!!

Sonia smiley , I l o v e your illustrations!
Happy you like those. We could slip in a hotter color to make those ( Marisa November colors) a downunder summer swatch.

I will say, "Summer Down Under" sounds like it'd be a fun theme idea.

Luckily you can now do whatever theme you want, although I appreciate suggestions.

It's still worth it to suggest themes, in my opinion, in case anyone isn't sure what they want to do with a particular palette. It gives them some ideas to go off of, and gives people a few points where their kits can converge if they want something a little more coordinated (without the implication that everyone's required to go that way). I know I work better when I have a starting point like the suggested themes.

Amanda, I agree. It doesn't mean I will always use the suggestions, but it's helpful if you are drawing a blank on the palette, you know?

I like this palette for either a non-traditional Halloween (top) or Christmas (bottom). If you like it better for October or December I can work with the palette a bit more for that month.

Hmm, I think it could go either way, but I'm kind of leaning toward using the non-traditional Halloween/October palette. I like the colors either way. smiley

My two cents worth is that this is a good palette for October. Is there a way the palette could be more rich in tone, though? I like the basic colors, but could they be deeper? Or is that the point, you want them to be lighter, thus the "non-traditional" look? I'm good with whatever is the final version, though.

Lisel, which one are you talking about?
Marisa: I think these are just perfect, I 'll play with them smiley right now.

I've been SO BUSY that I am just looking forward to you talented ladies making a pick!

I like the palette for a non-tradicional Halloween!

I really like Tricia's Palettes, I like the much brighter jewel tones...the more pastel colors in some of the palettes look more like Spring and Easter time to me.

Jennifer, that's the point! I know that pastel colors could look more like Spring and Easter for some people, but don't you think it could be a challenge to use those non-traditional colors for kits related to non Spring or Easter themes?

For me it is a challenge, and I love challenges!

Anyway, I also love the traditional colors, so I will agree with the colors finally chosen!

Sonia, yes definitely a challenge for the designer, but personally for me I wouldn't use those colors in anything related to fall or Christmas in my Scrapbooking. Not that they wouldn't be beautiful, but I would rather have items I can use to scrap with. Either way I am sure the train will be beautiful as we have many talented artists.

I prefer it as a christmas palette myself, but I do like it either way.

As usual, I do also like all the other palettes too!

@Bina, sorry, I was talking about Marisa's palettes.

I agree at first glance Marisa's palettes remind me of spring or easter but when I googled for ideas I found this scrapbook page.

It's a pretty page and well done in my opinion. It's a nice break from the darker colors traditionally used for halloween themes. Is it a page I would create? Probably not, I do like more traditional colors and while I don't mind veering a little ways from traditional, I think a pastel halloween kit wouldn't be something I would use either.

If everyone else wants to do a pastel halloween kit I will definitely give it my best shot, or if worse comes to worst, I'll use the colors for a theme of my own that month.

I found these colors on the web for 2020




@Tammy, the Eclectic Folk palette is awesome!

Christmas (not only) in Queensland is in the middle of summer, so everyone from the southern hemisphere is rather happy about these (Marisa's) colors for fall (spring) and winter (summer).


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