Ideas for Oct, Nov & Dec 2020

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Good point Bina! Is Halloween celebrated in spring in Australia or is that more an American holiday?

Let me know if there are any tweaks you want to make or themes you have to suggest.

I went with the palette in December because honestly even though I said it was non-traditional I use a similar palette every year for Halloween and I wanted to try it with Christmas. It's got red and green in it, so the traditionalists can still do their thing.

Thank you very much, Marisa, you work hard and the results are ovbiously wonderful!

I love all the palettes and ideas smiley smiley

@Marisa, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU------these palettes are awesome! I love them all!

Looks great!
Thanks Marisa

Thanks Marisa!
Jennifer, yes. smiley

The December palette seems to have that periwinkle color twice. The swatch 4th from the left and the swatch 6th from the right are coming up the exact same color when I sample them.

Thanks everyone! I'll post them officially shortly.


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