Jan 2017 Blog Train - Ideas

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Jan 2017 Blog Train - Ideas

Thoughts on the January blog train? Share your ideas for theme and colors below!

I'm looking through the design requests forum and two have caught my eye:

We could do either 50s or 60s

Or a "manly" theme that could cover these mechanic requests.

50's and 60's has my vote

Tools aren't a bad thing...and I have a large woodworking project to do here at home that will probably be done by then and need to have photos scrapped. It'd be almost nothing to shoot tools as I'm using them!

I say manly. I scrap a lot of my grandsons pictures and they don't like flowers on their pages, so I think a more masculine kit would be awesome. I think Marisa has a good idea with this as a theme. Woodworking and tools, Cars and Mechanics, fishing, hunting or whatever other hobbies men like to do with their spare time. Just threw a name in there for fun.

I like Robin's idea! With 4 sons and a husband, I could use some more "manly" items.

I would like to put two other ideas on the table if its okay? smiley

A soft pastel palet - and as a theme either "all things vintage" or "my favorite fairytale". smiley

mechanics in the 50s? lol. smiley

I'd love to see a masculine theme, (Maybe "My Guy") Here are some color palettes that I like:

and @Alli, that made me laugh out loud for real.

I really like Erin's first palette suggestion.

I really like the masculine theme, and Erin's first palette.
Gorgeous colors together!
And mechanic tools (and oil stains, gas pumps, shop venues, old cars, discarded tires), yard care (lawn mowers, dirt, work gloves, etc.), roofing supplies, builders, wood working tools, etc.
LOTS of options with a masculine theme!

Here are two color options. I know some people like a smaller palette, and we usually do a large one, so I made the second option.



I like Marisa's first one a lot! smiley

I know 4 guys who don't really care for blue, so the first one has my vote!

I vote for Marisa's first palette, so that I have more of a choice of colors to use. I wouldn't use them all, but would chose those few that are energizing and fun to use.....I like the greens and browns in this palette.

I like the first palette too Marisa

I do like Robin's colors, but I like some of Marisa's first palette, too.

I like Marisa's first palette.

@Holly: I didn't know it was possible. I thought I was the only person who didn't like blue.

I know 4 guys who don't really care for blue, so the first one has my vote!

@Marisa: It's kind of amazing to me that I know that many guys who don't like blue, but then again, I know several girls who aren't fans of pink, and a few that refuse to own anything pink at all. It takes all kinds. smiley

I like both of Marisa's options!

@Marisa, @Holly: When I met my husband, he was always wearing blue, all shades you could ever find. When we got married, I threw them all out. Haha. Told him he could buy new ones, every color except blue. You can imagine how he protested smiley He eventually got used to wearing other colors but once in a while, he buys blue. I just let him. At least his wardrobe isn't that monotonous as before.

I like the guy theme and Marisa's first palette, too smiley

I like Marisa's first palette, too. Fine with the guy theme, but I am more the tool-hound than the DH! How do you create elements for a coach potato lol!!

Have we done a "shades of" type of palette before, by the way? I would LOVE to do a shades of white/cream one in the future!

@Laurel: That sounds great!

I like Erin's second swatch best

I LOVE this swatch, too!! I thought it was down to Marisa's two, so I picked favorite of those, but this one is my favorite of ALL smiley

I do like that neutral palette of Erin's as well, and it would lend itself pretty well to a tools-type kit, though it might need another wood-like color. If we don't use it for January, how about as an palette for the February train? Maybe for something other than Valentine's Day, like Groundhog Day, Candlemas, Superbowl Sunday, National Inventors Day, Clean Out Your Computer Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day, National Chocolate Mint Day, Love Your Pet Day, Walking the Dog Day, National Pistachio Day, International World Thinking Day, No Brainer Day, Mardi Gras, or Tell a Fairy Tale Day? It or something similar could work for any of those, or for a heritage kit...

I think, though, that those colors are represented (or pretty close to them, anyway) in Marisa's first palette, so it might not really be a question at all.

I think you're right, Holly. I think Marisa used a sampling of many of the color palettes to create that first one.

Holly, I am ALL about Mint Chocolate Day smiley -- Mardi Gras would really be a fantastic idea!

Holly, I love your ideas, some of them cracked me up! But something OTHER than Valentine's Day would be greatly appreciated for February. I have a bazillion "LOVE" theme kits, and I'll never use them all. But something a bit more obscure would be cool, I think. Maybe Ground Hog Day, or Walking Your Dog day.......that one is REALLY obscure!!! LOL So funny.


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