March 2021 Blog Train - Working

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March 2021 Blog Train - Working

The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview: Blog Train Logo

I have indulged myself this quarter by picking out palettes I love. But, I think they are all different enough that hopefully you like at least one of them smiley Pink and green have long been a favorite color combo of mine. And add in a bright blue and you have my life color palette.

Hi Marisa, I think the title of this topic must be March smiley

Yes, here is for March! smiley Very beautiful palette, thanks Marisa smiley

I'm adoring the non-winter colors for the northern hemisphere winter months. Not only do I not need more winter things, I really love having colors that will work for the southern hemisphere. I've always felt bad that the scrapping world is so northern hemisphere & US-centric even though people from around the world, in all countries & climates scrapbook!

Love these colors. smiley

yes beautiful!

Thanks Rachel!

LOVE this pallet! I can't find the final post. My portion can be downloaded March 1 on the Bible Journal Love Blog.

A little Celtic kit!

I've been spending way too much time on the phone lately and I doodle while I'm half listening.

For March's blog train, I did a paper pack only with the theme of flowers, gardening and trees. It's called Waiting For Spring as March usually isn't very springlike here (Toronto, Canada).

Anne, BEAUTIFUL papers!

Thank you Lisel. Although I love these colours, I found working with this palette challenging as the colours are so intense.

Gorgeous kits, everyone smiley

Anne, the colors ARE intense, but that makes for a bright, cheery feel that's perfect for chasing away cabin fever. I'm thinking about doing a super-bright spring kit with them; after a year of lockdowns and political drama here in the US, I'm MORE than ready for cheerfulness and in-your-face bright colors!

Still haven't decided on my theme, though.

@Holly Wolf: Happy go lucky looking forward to your part. Just looked at your Samhain (was very busy) and was all blown away. What an awesome bundle! Thank you so much, Holly. Couldn't comment on your blog.

@Bina: You're more than welcome. I think I had to turn off commenting on that post due to a RIDICULOUS number of spam comments (like 150 in 9 hours, all advertising some porn site!). I should go open it back up again since it's been a few months since I had to shut them off; hopefully the spammers have stopped now.

It was a lot of fun to make the Samhain bundle; I've been out of the broom closet for close to 2/3 of my life at this point, so it was a natural take for an October theme for me, especially with the color palette. I'm glad you enjoy it!

@ Holly: The same thing happened to my site! It was so weird! I do not dare to open it up, at least not yet!

In honor of Einstein's birthday, I made this:

Awesome kits so far! My part here:


None of the stuff Einstein came up with looked half as rad as this kit, Cintia. Awesome, he'd be proud. smiley

Thanks Bina! smiley smiley

Find this portion of the train on facebook and download on Drop Box.

I had the hardest time getting started on this palette... dunno why because once I found my groove with it it was fun. :-)

My part for BT March

Oh Jennifer, your kit is absolutely stunning. Using white and black really helped bring it all together. Thank you for all that hard work!


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