July 2015 Blog Train - Comments

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July 2015 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until July 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Looks like another great blog train! Phyllis Storm does such an amazing job.

I am soooooo happy to be able to participate in this blog train.My kits are usually BIG,but they are always full of awesome elements,papers and frames.Hope to see some creations from my kit.
I can't wait to grab some of the awesome designs i've seen made by you talented designers.You all did a great job with your contributions,i can see how everyone had something a lil' different come from their creative mind.

Anyways,see ya on the train to Summer Splash.

Really loving all the parts so far!
Did the July Blog Train preview picture that we can use to put on our blogs get put up somewhere? I can't seem to find it. Thanks!
Nevermind, I right clicked on the preview and saved it. I hope that is OK to do.. smiley

Everything looks great! Thank you!

Thank you! Wonderful Designs, Colors and Fun!

Thank you al for the great Train , so much fun this is !

I want to apologize for my download links not being updated and ready to go until late on the 1st! Then, I couldn't get the sharing options to work with me correctly! Anyway, I think all is well now! So, go download! smiley

This is not my work, but the advertisement for these templates by AK Designs just arrived in my inbox today and they're perfect for this train, so I'm linking it here. She's got them on sale for $1.00 for the pack right now, though they'll go up later, I'm sure.

The colors this month are great and there are some really great designs! Thank you to everyone!

Are we allowed to participate in the July BT through out the month, or do we have to have our submissions in at the start of July? Just wondering as I thought about putting up a design, but wasn't sure if I have already missed out on this month's BT.

@Chyina, No one is going to turn down good freebies!! haha! You are welcome to participate whenever you'd like, but most of the downloading action occurs at the beginning of the month....but people can always stop by and get more goodies later!

Thanks, for the link, Holly. Now, I'm going to spend some money! Hahaha! Maybe we should do a template blog train!

great work everyone! love the colors!

That would be fun, Erin!! Or even get more people doing the "make a template" designer challenge that's going right now? smiley

I love this month's blog train! Great work, everyone! Now I just have to get some layouts made of my little guy using various contributions.

While my FB links worked fine, my apologies for the link at the bottom of my preview for not working, but it is fixed now! And thanks for the link Holly. I already picked that one up. AKD has some really good templates!

Another wonderful train. Thank you all smiley smiley

Thank you to all the designers who have shared their time and talent to make this spectacular blog train. So many excellent interpretations of palate and theme.

Thanks, Holly, for the link! This is a great train, everyone. The kits are beautiful!

Thanks everyone! Great job as usual!

Rose, this message is especially for you. From one person who has health issues to another, don't feel bad about doing all that you can do (although I know that's hard). That is a beautiful chair. Thank you for IT! Doing that this month may have taken out of you, what making a bundle took out of someone else. I guarantee you that no one is complaining. We are all grateful! Be blessed.

smiley WOW.. spectacular train again! Thanks to all for the work and share. To: Rose Thorn... your one chair was wonderful. Kudos to Steph for her 1st blog train contribution. Loved it! smiley and to Dawn...thanks for always always participating and making major contributions. You're awesome!

LOVE the colours this month, and sure appreciate everyone sharing their wonderful goodies!!! Thank you so much!

@Chyina: The blog train sign up list generally stays open for most of the month, and we're always glad to have late comers!

I did the best I could to give a thank you at each blog I stopped by but know that I missed some for whatever reason. So I wanted to make sure to let you all know that this blog train was wonderful. I loved all the parts and pieces! I can't tell everyone "thank you" enough. It is just awesome how you all work so hard and share so easily. Thank you very much to all of you. I loved the color palette and all the designs.

Wow !!!!! You ladies are fantastic smiley Love each and every one of your gifts.
Hugs to you all .
Have a great summer !!!

Posted my thanks in the wrong spot. Sorry. Wanted to say this kit, like each before, is WONDERFUL!!

Tons of lovely kits! Thanks to all of you wonderful designers. Mine is finally up now, too. Sorry it took me so long, but work has been so hectic. I didn't want to miss a second month in a row, so I figured "better late than never". LOL!

What a vibrant & fun Theme- so many wonderful designs. smiley Thank you all for your amazing contributions. smiley

Wonderful job, to everyone!!