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Holly, I have an action that can check for a gamut warning.The 3 last palettes are fine, no gamut problem in.

I like the theme Blue Skies and Lemonade and the color palette is enough to use with the great outdoors photos. I want to share with all our Blog Train designers that one of our own, Sally Johns is now in the hospital facing heart surgery and is not doing very well and her blog address is www.wingedheartohio.blogspot.com to leave her good wishes and prayers, I don't know how else to get this info to all of you.

I like Blue Skies and Lemonade from post #24. It's fresh and clean. Adding pinks and purples, etc., seems to make the scheme a little muddled.

Honestly, I'm with you Diane. I liked it with just the blues, green and yellows myself. I'm not opposed to adding the pinks and browns, because I always limit the palette further than what is given. So, if pinks make people happy, I'm okay with the pinks. smiley

Thanks, Patricia. I'll keep her in my thoughts, as I was wondering a few days ago how she was doing since I hadn't seen her in a while.

Thank you, Patricia, for letting us know. I've been wondering how she was doing since I haven't seen her post anything in a while. I knew she has been struggling with some health issues for a while, from some of the comments she has made.

Haven't forgotten you all. I'm traveling at the moment, and will be back in a few days to post a final palette. Thanks everyone for all your feedback.

I'm so excited to get started on this one!!!! smiley

Dawn, after much consideration, I think I prefer palette 3, but with the addition of a softer, paler green.


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