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July 2021 Blog Train - Working

The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

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Ooh, this palette is gorgeous!!

Agreed! I love this one too! smiley

Yep, yep, it's a keeper! Some of my favorite colors.

Thank you Elizabeth! smiley

@Jessica you're so welcome smiley

Lovely colours, southern hemisphere friendly July swatch I'd say smiley many thanks, @Elzabeth Minkus for the aco file.

@Bina You're welcome smiley

Oh my I never knew what the ACO was before. I just downloaded and the file went right to my swatches, oh Elizabeth this is wonderful and saved me so much time. I really appreciate it!!!

@Kelly You're very welcome, it was no problem smiley

I made these stickers , what are y'all thinking?

and some steps towards a mini

Bina, I really love them. I think the rainbow one is my favorite, but I think this color pattern makes it so that they are all amazing together. The blue scribble will be great to put a word in for any subject!

Wow Bina, LOVE your mini kit! It's really different and beautiful!

Thank you so much, @Elizabeth Minkus and @Kelly Wardlow smiley . Kelly: yes, haha, I was thinking exactly that and also about the font .... and then I thought any font would give the entire set (not only that one element with the font on it) a bit of 'character' and I left the words 'unprinted'. Thanks for the input!

My son is in basic training right now. I was just thinking about working on an army mini and this palette would work great!! I smiley my soldier!!

My preview

Oh Elizabeth the papers are divine!

@Crystal Bruski: Looking forward to your creation, what a great idea. smiley

@Elizabeth Minkus: smiley smiley So beautiful, Elizabeth.

@Kelly Wardlow and @Bina Green, Thank you both!!

@Pauline what a darling kit!! I love the doodling, it's so fun!!

Agreed! Pauline the whole kit is gorgeous!

@Rachel Ramey I can't see your image. Don't know if it's something on my end, blocking it.

Thanks. I'm trying to host it at Google Photos, and I think that just doesn't work. Either I use the link they give me, which is not directly to the image, or I direct-link to the image, which embeds it, but I think might have permissions issues. I'll have to move it, I think.

I see it now! smiley Cute elements! At least you're making something. I'm drawing a blank, may just make papers and leave it at that.

@Kelly What a beautiful kit!! I just love it!! The butterflies are awesome and I love the clip!! It all reminds me of Monet!

Thank you so much Elizabeth!


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