June 2018 Blog Train - Working

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June 2018 Blog Train - Working

The June blog train is Oh The Places You'll Go.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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I love these colors! I'm hoping to make a children's "growing up" theme kit from this one. The title & colors make me think of the book by Dr Seuss so since I cant get that out my head thats what I am hoping to end up with. smiley

I agree with you, Jessica, the name of the kit reminds me that book, too! I just think about hot air balloons smiley

TY, Sunny!

That's why I suggested it- so many options for different things, and Dr. Seuss's book is one of my favorites! smiley

Such a fun colour palette !

Now I just have to figure out what direction I want to go with this one...

For some reason I'm thinking a first year college student (new friends, new dorm room, first time away from home, etc).

Sunny, I just noticed that your ACO file is linked to the May 2018 Flower Power palette when I downloaded it, rather than the June one.

I have that book for each of the girls and have had their teachers sign it along the way. So, when they graduate, it'll be one of the presents that I give them. Love this!!

Same here, Jessica :9

Oh, the places you'll go, and . . . how you'll get there!

I love your kit, Diane! smiley

Thank you, Bina. It's always so much fun to do "flowerless" scrapping!

The link/download is for the May Flower Power Palette

Well, I originally wanted to do something about going off to college, but I struggled trying to come up with elements that would portray that idea.

So after many frustrations... I ended up going with a generic kit. *sigh*

Here's my part:

I love your kit Brenda, those suitcases are fabulous!

So beautiful, Brenda and Di.

I went so many different directions with this kit and never made it far. I finally settled on a somewhat generic kit but I had fun!

I pushed myself through this to get out of my slump. Seems to have worked - I'm mostly pleased with the results.

Looks so beautiful, Trish. smiley

Seems my preview was one of the ones lost- here it is again!

@ Brenda - Thank you for the Alert. The link has been updated in the original post, and here it is too: ACO File


Tammy, I absolutely LOVE that VW Bug!

Thank you Lisel smiley

Here is mine. I will be going on a cruise, so I thought a cruise theme would be good.

Sharon, I love your colour scheme!

Oh wow, thank you so much Trish. You make me happy by your positive comment. Have a good day!!

Oh wow Faith, you really made the color scheme come alive. I love all of your goodies too. Very nice! You have great artistry, and don't ever doubt yourself about that.


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