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This is what I have so far:

Actually, I am DEFINITELY changing it up and I am thinking I'll go with the Vegas theme ... for sure! Lol I haven't been since we had our first child almost 9 years ago, and I've been dying to get back there lately, so maybe this will help me feel like I'm there without spending a whole bunch of money to do so? Lol

Wow, Rachel! I love it!

My homeland - Sardegna Island - Italy

Very nice, I love the olives!

Also, great minds think alike! I made the exact same paper but with Sweden repeated instead of Sardegna smiley

Now that I've seen your kit, I'm considering doing a cut-out as well! How perfect for a little marker, or like you show, a heart stitch! Endless possibilities!

This is my color palette (so far):

And my kit will be called "Destination-Sweden".

I was hoping for some cohesion with the names since the kits will not follow the same color story. I think "Destination-____" would be super easy smiley And for those of you who aren't doing a specific destination, you would easily use "Destination-Anywhere" or "Destination-Getaway".

Just my two cents smiley

Rachel! I live in WV and we go to Ohio a lot! I'm sure I'll be using your kit in the future! smiley Thanks! Do you live in Columbus? I lived there for 3 years.

Immediately north, in Westerville. smiley Like in Glee! lol

Cool Rachel! I worked in Westerville (Safelite Autoglass, call center) when I lived there. I was going to Bible College at the time. I lived in Canal Winchester on the SE side. smiley

Laurel, whereabouts re you in the Windy City? I am on the north side, really close to O'Hare.

Looking forward to having your kit from Sweden and doing a job with my travel photos to Sweden years ago !!!
I intend to make one of Italy more comprehensive, one from Rio de Janeiro, where I live and from Brazil. If I have time!!
I'm excited about this theme and look forward to seeing the kits since there are people from various places here on the site.

Anything specifically you'd like to see in the Sweden kit to help scrap your pictures? smiley

Marcela, your kit is lovely!

Thank you Kayl for showing your palette of colors and for your ideas!

Love the Buckeye Rachel! We live in Northern Ky - not far from the Ohio River. So we are always in Ohio for some reason or other.

Thank you for your Sardegna kit! I too love the olives! The Nuraghi of your island homeland are really fascinating!

Not sure Oklahoma is such a destination location, but since it's where I was born and have always lived, I'll be focusing on an American Indian related theme. We'll see how that goes smiley

Maybe some typical local prints. I like to create nationals because they leave the stereotypes that foreigners have about a place and perform a more reliable job on the site. When I think of Sweden I always get the yellow and blue flag, the cold.

Thank you, Sonia!!!

Yes, Jessica. The Nuraghi are one of the great proud of my people.
My family since the 11th century produces olive trees in our village. It is a very strong reference for me.
I am very proud to be part of this people so old that for over 18,000 years we have existed on Earth.

am still a newbie to the designing thing, but will try to do a Pittsburgh/PA mini kit...

Gina.. I'm in WV and Pittsburgh isn't too far away. I think it's a 4 hour trip. smiley

@Erin: thats fun! I grew up in the Bay Area, but married a "Yinzer" so here is where we are for now smiley I was thinking the standard sports memorabilia for the local teams, but maybe also a few of the bigger colleges in the area, as well as the downtown stuff, incline, bridges, maybe a skyline border...anything you want to see? Just remember I am new to the designing thing! smiley

Gina, when I think of Pittsburgh I always think of the tunnel entrance that surprises you! smiley

@Erin...HA!!! the tunnels and bridges are a bit crazy!!! smiley

I absolutely LOVE the idea of this blog train.

First, this is awesome because everyone can share about themselves through their local attractions, flavor, and flair.

Second, not having a palette makes for a truly unique and authentic depiction of locales.
Normally, a palette would be needed to keep everyone on the same page.
But THIS train, everyone IS on the same page bringing to the table a truly one-of-a-kind collection as a whole.

This, I think, will be my favorite train ever!

I love people, and I love their stories, and that's already coming through just in the conversations here in this thread as everyone is planning what they will do.

I. L.O.V.E. I.T.

Thank you everyone, for sharing a piece of your life, a piece of your home town with all of us!

What lovely words, Lisel, thank you!

I'll add to that with Tasmania. Maybe we can coordinate at least some colours, so they can be used together.


Finally I changed some colors of my first palette and this is my kit:

I love the little vehicles! Super easy kit to use as an add-on or on its own! Awesome job smiley


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