May 2020 Blog Train - Working

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May 2020 Blog Train - Working

The May 2020 blog train is Vintage Memories.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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Thank you for the aco, Amanda!

I LOVE this one.♥

this is a very early peek at my progress..

Ooooo…. love the colors and the theme. So excited!

I'm excited about this one. smiley

I'm really having a very good time and a lot of fun making this blog train, and I have so many ideas that my kit will be huge!!

I am planning to do a genealogy based theme for this one. I haven't done a full kit for that yet so that's my plan smiley

I'm having a blast putting my kit for this together. I absolutely LOVE the colors, and the theme. Sonia, I think my kit is going to be huge as well! LOL

I’m also enjoying this one. Not sure i’ll End up with a big kit but i’m having fun making the elements.

My 10 year old grandson came over one afternoon, looked at my computer and asked what I was doing. I told him a vintage design for scrapbooking. I asked him if he new what "vintage" was. He says "ya...something really old like back in 1990". Alrighty then....I closed the windows and brought up video games instead. smiley

@Diane Hiller----
Hehehehe! That's SOOoooo old, ya know!
Love your kit!

Well, I guess technically by Etsy's definition (20+ years old), the '90s would be vintage. But still.... What does that make all of us born before 1990?

@Amanda, Umm.......hecka vintage? ROFL!

You know, Lisel, I think I can deal with being "hecka vintage." smiley

@Amanda, me too! ROFL! smiley

LOVE this!

Amanda and Lisel -- you guys have me ROFL!! I'll never be able to do anything vintage again without thinking of you two and LOL!!

Diane, hehehehe! I'm glad we made you laugh!

smiley smiley smiley

OK I got to redo my Preview ... but this gives you an idea of what I have so far.

@Lori, SOOOOooo beautiful! I specifically like the texture on the papers, and the drop chain frame. And the doilies!

Thanks Lisel.

@Diane Hiller - When my oldest son was 5yo (he's 21 now) he drew a picture of dinosaurs in a prehistoric jungle. For whatever reason he decided to date the picture..... he chose 1979. So apparently the year I was born, dinosaurs still roamed the earth lol.

I really want to get into doing scrapbook stuff again but ugh, it just seems like every thing else gets in the way and then it's the first of the month again...sigh. I'm shooting for having a kit for May and June right now. Can't wait to see what is chosen for July and beyond though smiley

Not only did we have to dodge dinosaurs, it was an uphill walk both to and FROM school hahha! I tell my grandkids I used to have a pet pterodactyl smiley

@Jennifer, ROFL! 1979, huh? Wow. Positively ARCHAIC! I was born in 1970, so I'm BEYOND archaic, apparently.
@Diane, that's hilarious!

Lisel, you were 3 years old when I got married and 9 years old when my first child was born.
Jennifer, you are the same age as my first child.
I wasn't kidding about the pet pterodactyl. hahhaaa!

LOL! I am really having fun! I looove children for this reason! and you have also very funny ideas!!