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Tammy, your kit is beautiful. Can you imagine having to wear a dress with a bustle?

Lol @ this thread! And the contributions are looking so beautiful! Can't wait to start working on this one!

@Jennifer ~ Well it wasn't dinosaurs but I've been asked by my daughter before, if we had cars when I was a kid! And my oldest will be 21 this year - never thought it could go by that quickly. Happy to see you around again ~ looking forward to seeing your kits!

@Diane ~ Too funny love it... a pet pterodactyl! smiley

@Sonia ~ agree kids can say the funniest things.

Oh guys you are all so funny. Thanks for the giggles.

Hehehehehe! This is such a great group, isn't it? LOVE it!

@Diane, thank you so much. I cannot imagine having to wear those clothes. I've always heard that the women got internal organ damage from having to suck into those corset things. LOL it is quite odd to be considered "vintage" at my age of 52. Mentally I still feel 16 and can act that age too when I'm having a good time. I remember my parents telling me how they had to walk to school with holes in their shoes in a foot of snow. My Mother had 12 children in her family, and she would tell me they got hand me down shoes and they wore holes. I can remember thinking how "old" they were. It really feels odd to think that the 80's is vintage now?? Whatever!!! Not to me.. LOL the 80's was my fun, teen, years... it was "totally awesome".. LOL Now I tell my Grandson that I'm an old woman who lives in a shoe... Ha Ha!! Anyway, I love everyone's kits, I don't always post comments, but I think all of you ladies are awesome and do a fantastic job on everything. I do love this site smiley

I was a police officer in the 80s (way back before vintage 1990). Anyway, went with my son to the gun store and looked around while he bought a new gun. I found a revolver just like the one I carried --in the ANTIQUE section! smiley. Maybe thats why I love all things vintage.

Beautiful kit Tammy!
Yes the 80s are vintage-- the 1880s! smiley

Thank you Robin!!

I was born in 1979 and I too, have a 21 yr old son (as of April 22, that is).

There, finished this one.


Here's what I managed to come up with

This is a really lovely train everyone! I can't wait till May! smiley

Here is what I will have available May 1st.

Gorgeous designs here, wow smiley .
Since none of you seems out of mojo, pls join a new swatch challenge in the designer challenge forum. smiley