Nov 2017 Blog Train - Working

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Nov 2017 Blog Train - Working

The November blog train is Elegant Autumn.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here (make sure you are following the board, or else I can't add you).

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These colors took me a bit to figure out but I finally got a mini together smiley

Full Res

Wow, Kayl! This looks fab!

Thanks so much smiley

I can't be the only one struggling with elements for this, can I?! I've made like 20 papers, but no elements! I've hit a road block!

OK Let me get on this today and see what I can put together smiley

Kayl, I love your style. Your papers are always so lovely. smiley

Thank you, Trish!

I like dark, rich colors, but it took me a bit of time to join these particular colors all together.

Lovely, Diane! I love the hanging beads + leaf!

Thank you, Kayl. Sometimes the tiniest after-thought brings it all together.

Diane, it's beautiful! The rich colors, and the bling, the BLING!!!!! LOVE that! LOL

Thanks, Lisel. I know! What's "elegant" without a little BLING, right?!!!


So beautiful, Tammy. I love the purple flower!

Di, I love your kit, those leaves are so pretty.

Thank you, Bina. I wish they actually grew those colors on our real trees!

Here is what I came up with. I'd love to hear your thoughts also on how the preview can be improved.

Looks lovely, Bina!

Your preview shows a little small in your comment so it's a bit hard to see if your papers have separating shadows but I think that to be a good thing - not everyone agrees. And I am by no means a great preview maker (still struggling and learning myself!) but I've found that the previews I like tend to have the elements sort of ... in the middle a bit. Or. Hm, not quite sure how to say it! The elements placed in the middle third of the preview so you see the papers over the top and under the elements. However not everyone likes that style I'm sure!

I do truly think your preview looks great, though! smiley

I too struggle with previews, usually end up making 2 if I have a lot of items.
Here's what I have so far for the blog train, it was a challenge making "elegant autumn" with the colors chosen for this month. I finally just picked a few of the colors to work with.

The color palette really makes us think "outside the box"! I love that about the challenges, they really encourage me to stretch my imagination. From all the previews I see here, everyone has done a fantastic job of it!

Kayl: smiley Thanks so much! And true, the PV will much improve by placing the ellies in the center as you suggested. smiley I also tend to like the shadowed paper previews but I have seen graphic style previews that looked very convincing. In a scrapbooking context the shadowed paper preview look would defs be more common. I tend to not be too attracted by the curled paper preview. I cannot even say why. The other look is just more attractive to me.
And what a great thing it is really that not everybody agrees on that or anything else smiley , our layouts/ previews would probably all look smiley a bit too uniform then smiley

Wow, Arlene, really such a great idea to make 2 previews. Your kit looks so beautiful and elegant.

Couldn't agree more about having different tastes! smiley And I, too, don't really favor the curled previews for unknown reasons, they just don't satisfy my eye. I'm sure however you present your kits, they will be loved!

Curled previews - is that where the paper looks like a library book spine or end?

That's the type of preview I had in mind at least. Book spines are a good way to describe it. For some reason I always think of bolts of fabric stood side by side. They certainly aren't my cup of tea but I'm sure some people love them smiley

Oh, the purple glitter're speaking my language, girl!

Arlene------WOW. I LOVE the colors together, and the "elegant" is definitely brought to the top on this one! And the ribbon with pearls, and the circles in shiny black......You nailed it!

Oh, ladies!! I looked at these colors and as others have mentioned above, I hit a wall. That being said, now that I've seen what each of you has posted, I am inspired to make an earnest effort to create something.


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