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Hey, Stacy, welcome! Yes, the blog train is open to everyone. smiley

Thank you so much! I look forward to being a part of the community here!

@Stacy: Just so you know, this is the "working" thread and at the end of the month I'll post the "official" thread where you can post your contribution and link. Feel free to share whatever you want here.

Ok that's good to know! I will be on the lookout if I can get something designed before then smiley

Got this together for the train smiley

Welcome, Stacy! Look forward to seeing you around smiley

That's beautiful Kayl!

Stacy! Welcome! Anyone can join our blog-train. At the top of this thread is Marisa's links to the "Rules" and the link to the Pixel Scrapper logo to put on your preview. If you are familiar with Photoshop or PSE, the first comment is a file download for the color files for this blog-train. On my PSE I can drag and drop that file into the color palette and there you go. Please feel free to run with any ideas you have for the theme. We vary quite a bit and that is what makes it fun. Once again. WELCOME!

Thank you, Marjan smiley

Thank you for the info Beth! Super cute kit Kayl!!


I used this month's prompt to make a Jewish/Shabbat themed set. Hopefully non-Jewish scrappers can use parts of it or maybe there are a couple of Jewish Pixel Scrappers.

I went with Thanksgiving since that is a big holiday gathering for my family. I added stamped leaves for Fall as well. Hope you like it.

Here is what I have so far. Hopefully I will have the elements finished soon. smiley

I just joined Pixel Scrapper and am excited to get into joining the Blog Train. Not realizing Octobers Blog Train posting thread was already locked, I did create a contribution for Octobers I Dig it theme that I will have available on my blog for anyone interested in adding it to their collection. Here is what I created for the upcoming November theme.

Post your previews and links here.


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