Nov 2019 Blog Train - Comments

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Nov 2019 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until November 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

thanks ladies , this blog train is very beautiful !love it! smiley smiley

Everything I've seen from this so far is gorgeous! Nicely done, everyone!

All the kits are super! Thank you.

Thank you so much for this wonderful blogtrain!

Beautiful train .... THANK YOU bunches to all smiley

Just love the colors of this blog train. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I'm currently doing a Wedding Photo book and am using all fall colors. One of my favorite kits is the Rustic Charm kit, especially the quick pages smiley

Thank you everyone for your beautiful contributions, and for sharing your talents with us so generously! smiley

So, so pretty, everyone! Thank you!

smiley Loved all the papers, elements, and clusters! Ya'll are awesome and wonderful designers! Thank you for allowing this freebie and for those that contributed!
I do not do digi scrapbooking, but I do Bible Journaling and I use the elements and clusters in my documented walk with the Lord! I cant afford the kits everyone uses and thanks to pixelscrapper, i can create my own pretties to use in my faith! Thank you all! smiley

Thanks everyone for the contributions! I tend to put the blog train kits all together in one folder, and I love how everything is coordinating so nicely with this one.

Wow, this is an absolute stunner!! Thank you to all the wonderful designers for their beautiful contributions smiley Lovely to see LilMonkey back again .. we have missed you!!

Thank you all for your lovely contributions!

@Bina: could you check the DL link for the papers please?
Both links go to the elements.

Thank you!

What a beautiful job by everyone! Thank you all for sharing your beautiful work with us....♥ God bless and have a very blessed day. ♥Nae

Really nice contributions this month!! Many Thanks to all the designers!! smiley

Phyllis I could not resist making a tag out of your kit. I loved it. I made you a little pressie with it. I am also going to write a tut for it... Thank you so much. Thank everyone again. Ya'll are awesome.♥

Oh, Nae, that is just adorable. Thank you so very much. The cats are perfect, I love them, but then I love all cats. I'd like to see your tut too - can't do clusters at all.

Everyone has such wonderful designs. Thank you all.

Like Patricia, I too get the elements twice. Everything is beautiful! Just would love to have your papers!

Phyllis I am so glad you liked it. Here is the link to my tut. smiley smiley
Fall in Love Tutorial

Everything looks amazing!!! Nice job ladies!

Thank you, Nae. Much appreciated.

smiley smiley Thanks so much, Patricia. It should be good now.

Thanks so much everybody for all your wonderful beauties! There are so many great kits in this train. Sometimes I think the trains cannot get any better and then the next train proves me wrong smiley

Thanks so much for playing along with the designer challenges, Robin. Your kit is sooo sweet, love it!

smiley So sorry, Lisel! Should be fixed.... thanks so much for your kit and for playing along with the designer challenge, I love all the great papers. smiley

You are very welcome. Thank you.♥

hi Bina

In 'my downloads' in your store .. there is no DL link for the papers any more...

am I supposed to put the kit in my cart again to get the paper DL link?

That's what I did, I checked the mini out again and I have the papers now. smiley Thank you Bina for fixing it! Looks fantastic! smiley

smiley I am so sorry, Patricia. Actually, I am a bit at a loss here not knowing what is going on exactly esp. since I had the kit in the store for a while prior to the BT and no complaints so I wonder what went on. As I am writing this I am running a forensics app on the website and hope to find out exactly what happened. I also had an issue by someone wanting to dl the kit and telling me they were only able to dl the preview. So I have some leads to follow here. Many thanks for your all your help, kind patience and understanding. smiley
I am about to ul the papes at least to googleDrive or dropbox so you won't have to fiddle wth the checkout again.Pls understand that I am traveling and on a mobile plan and that this will take a while.

smiley Thank you, Jessica. I love all your work!