Oct 2019 Blog Train - Comments

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Oct 2019 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until October 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Trish, I just saw your kit for this train, and didn't get a chance to comment before it was locked (totally cool with me!), so I'm commenting here. I absolutely LOVE your kit, and the CARDS! SO CUTE!
And oh my heavens, Rhonda that sheep and Little Bo Peep (I think that is who she is?) are so adorable, and the PAPERS!

Ok, basically, I love every kit I'm seeing here in this month's train. SO much fun, and you designers are such artists! Thank you all!

Thanks, ladies - again this month, the blogtrain is just wonderful! smiley

Love all the contributions, ladies! Thanks!

Jessica, I'm amused to see we pulled from some of the same public domain resources. It threw me a bit spotting them in your kit. smiley

Thank you all so much!

Thank you very very much to the designers for their generosity. Their contributions are wonderful!!

Great train. I shared them all on my pinterest. Thank you.♥

Thank you so much Brenda for this beautiful contribution to the blog train. Peter Rabbit has always been one of my few favorites among the 'fairy tales' and love this Beatrice Potter version of the illustrations, it is the original after all. I believe in my many, many books I still have the little book and a couple of others that belonged in the series, all packed away. I love books and have 4 bookcases full and no room for any more books so had to pack up some and store them in one of my sheds. "sniffle" Thank you again for the wonderful kit! Vicki Garrett

thank you, ladies, for such wonderful contributions.

I really love all the contributions to this month's blog train. But I am having trouble finding a download link for Tamara Fernandez's kit at http://tamarices.blogspot.com.br. I have checked back several times and I just don't see a link. Can anyone help me? Tamara?


Deanna ~ I've not been able to find it either. I sent her a PM about it. I actually meant to days ago when I couldn't find the link, but I forgot. smiley

Lol that is funny Amanda! Well you know great minds think alike right? smiley

This is a wonderful train and Ive been enjoying all the contributions! I really can't wait to get some time to put something together with it!! Thank you all for your hard work and sharing your talents!! It's much appreciated!

Sabyne, that's a beautiful little kit! I love your style smiley

These were all great! Some of the designers said that they were at a loss about what to do for the theme, but I thought that they were all wonderful. Thank you, designers! I will get a lot of use with these on my grandkids' layouts. smiley

Thank you to all the designers for this month's train!! I really can't wait to do something with this month's contributions!!

Thank you Trish !!

Once again thank you all so much I shared them on my pinterest. They are all amazing!♥

I fixed the link for my portion. Thank you for your visit. If the problem persists, let me know: https://tamarices.blogspot.com/

Thank you Tamara! smiley

Lovely contributions, all! I'll admit I'm also a little partial to Brenda's Beatrix Potter kit, since that was a childhood favorite of mine and I've been introducing my boys to the stories lately.

Can we use what we want in our kit as long as it is within the theme and color scheme? I mean I got some templates to use from here but can I also add other things that are not from here? Thanks Nae

Thank you to all the wonderful and talented designers on PS...each kit is beautiful!

@Nae: You can use whatever you want in your contribution as long as you're following the TOU of whoever you got it from. Also, the theme is really more of a suggestion. I often don't follow the theme that closely. I would say you don't even have to follow the color scheme, but at that point it's a bit of a different thing, so that's the important part to get right I guess.

Thank you.... im excited. smiley

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your talents with us. Very cute blog train... You Go Everyone!

I wasn't able to create a kit for this blogtrain because of our last minute vacation, but I love all the contributions.
Thank you for sharing smiley

I absolutely love it! thank you so much ladies for another wonderful hop

Thank you soooooo much for the wonderful kits and for taking the time to make them and share them!!!

I am late collecting these, due to my much needed knee replacement two weeks ago. I was unsure if I would like this theme, but everything is just cute as a button! All of these sparked memories of my mama reading these nursery rhymes to me, as well as memories of me with my own children. Thank you, ladies, for such a special treat!