Oct 2020 Blog Train - Working

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Oct 2020 Blog Train - Working

Switching things up with a new look. The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview:
DigitalScrapbook.com Blog Train Logo

Hi Marisa,
What does blue jeans & sneakers mean, I mean apart from the obvious...? Does it mean fashionable, trend setting, carefree, nonchalance or does it have any other specific meaning in the US?

Chitra, if it helps...some of the colors come from this:

So casual? But make something to fit whatever stands out to you about those colors.

Thanks, Tricia...so casual & carefree... I suppose...?

Yes, "Blue jeand and snakers" can be related to many things, I think about denim embellishments...

Thanks Sonia!

Chitra, I also think it could be a "girly" kit, or a fashion-related kit (or sewing kit)... just giving some ideas!

Thanks, @Elizabeth for the ACO's

Oh, Thanks, Elizabeth for the ACO's!

I'm slowly getting back into the design saddle .... so I decided to join in this one.
Link will be available on September 30th. On my Linktree. - https://linktr.ee/loveitscrapit

Elizabeth: Many thanks for the ACO.
Kianna: great papers.

beautiful palette! smiley

This will be my first blog train. (I've been uploading to the commons for a little while). I'm using a different theme (retirement). Can omit several colours if I wish? (I'd prefer not to use the pinks as I'm going for a more masculine look.)

Do people have any additional tips for first timers? I've read through all the posts on blog trains (regulations, tips, hosting. I don't have a blog or file hoost so I'll probably do it through digitalscrapbook.com. Eventually, can we upload our contributions to the Commons?).

Here is what my contribution looks like:

@Anne: You can definitely omit some colors. The palettes are created with this in mind.

Thank you Marisa.

I've finished my kit. I went in a different direction using most of the palette. As my husband is retiring shortly, I noticed there is a lack of kits and elements using this theme.

Therefore, here's my contribution:

Destination: Retirement

Looks awesome Anne!

I was so excited with this palette, and had a great plan of what to create for this, and then when I sat down to actually create it.......well......nothing seemed right.
Has anyone else ever had that happen?
And then something sparks off in a totally different direction and what you come up with is nothing like what you had in mind?
Yeah, that's what's happening for October's train for me.
Completely NOT what I was so excited to make at the beginning.
It's wierd, I'm kinda sad that I couldn't do what I originally planned because I love this palette so much.
But the creativity just wouldn't go where I wanted it to.
Can I actually be grieving over a PALETTE?!?!?
Oy vey.

Creative angst is a real thing!

.ase file, for other graphic programs, like Affinity Photo.

Mine will be on my website on October 1st, too...

My game plan is to add any elements and additional papers to the Commons here!

Here's what I came up with, and although it wasn't what I originally wanted to do, I am happy with it.
And, I was able to put in a couple of items that were from the original idea.
I may even add a couple more items that I've got rolling around as ideas in my head!
I literally just had another idea......

Lisel, I love it!! and I think you have dealed with the kind of kit I was thinking on when the palette and ideas were posted!

No worries!!! smiley

That's really cool. I have not seen many kits on retirement.

Thank you Sarah.

Retirement is a theme I haven't seen any kits either myself. I think it's because the presumption is made that all scrappers are moms of young children. Although that's true for many scrappers, I think it's more diverse group than many people assume.

I agree. lots of moms and grandmas, but no kids here smiley

I went with a Halloween theme.

Wow, Phyllis, I don't like Halloween, but I LOVE your kit!

Phyllis, I LOVE your kit, and I like Halloween!! smiley


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