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Phyllis, I love your kit. And I really do love Halloween. This is what I did for this month's blog train

@Saskia, Sonia and Diane - Thank you so much for your comments.

Diane - I love your kit, especially those pumpkins.

Will be up on my blog in October 1st. I had a difficult time with this color pallet, whereas everyone else did a super job~

[img]ABM-Oct2020-PSBlogTrain-PP-PREVIEW-O1 by Sharon Grant, on Flickr[/img]

You will find my part on my blog October 1st.

@sharon, I had a difficult time with the October colors also. I think your papers are beautiful. Great job!


I hope this does not repeat post. I can not find my comment. Your rocking witch made me giggle in a great way. I love this kit.

Awww thank you so much, @Tricia! That is kind in what you said.

lovely kit Bina!

Mine here:

Sonia, I LOVE THIS KIT! Wow! No one EVER has stuff for us more-than-a-little-junk-in-the-trunk girls! SO AWESOME!

Thank you, Lisel! You are right: it is difficult to find kits with stuff for us! If you or any of you have some short quotes or sayings and want to help me, there is some free-space in my kit to include them!

Or you can make a kit or journaling if you are stuck, it is a good idea, isn't it?

Hugs and take care!!!!

Here is my part

Here is mine:

@Sonia, I love your kit! smiley

This will be my contrib:

How do I get to the FINAL list to download the Blog Train contributions for SeptemberI have logged in obviously but find no link not even on Marisa's Blog?

I have been coming to this site for three or more years now downloading and uploading and have never known that you have to go to the Forum
to get to the current Blog Train Link, I use to click the Monthly Blog Train Sign on the Front Page and it would lead Directly to the Current Blog Train but for a long time now it Does Not Link to the Current Blog Train such as right Now it links to the July 2020 Blog Train. I just today messed around hopping from place to place until once again very frustrated so I went to the Forum and found the Blog Train Connection. Just wanted someone to know to Please Update the front page Link or please Remove it. Thank You Lisel Rice!

Phyllis, your kit is awesome that I just had to try some halloween stuff. Thank you for all of your hard work on the kit!!!

Denim and Lace

@Kelly and Emagine Don - Thank you for your comments.

Sonia, I didn't make anything to add to your kit, but I did take the idea and incorporated it into my December kit. I called my silhouettes "Real Girls", since they are not the typical media version of beautiful or sexy or pretty.

Oh, Lisel, that's great! I am willing to see it!! smiley


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