Blog Train Regulations (UPDATED 4/2018)

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This is amazing! Thank you so much!

I, too, like everything in the file labeled something like PSmar2015_mmd_ak_solid paper 01 because I have a special file for, but I also separate elements from these kits to put into other folders. So with each item labeled, I know exactly where to go to find the kit, and who made it.

I think a few are misunderstanding what Marisa wrote

"Please put everything in a folder called "PSMar2015_YourName" (change the month/year accordingly). This makes it easier for people to keep all the blog train folders together."

"PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME TO THE FRONT OF THE FILE. example: I name my files "marisaL-paper34"

You do not need to name each element / paper with "PSMar2015_YourName"; this is just for the folder that gets zipped up. You can name your elements and papers any way you wish. She only advises that you to add your designer name to each item so it's clear who designed it. A lot of people unzip into one folder and if you do not name your files correctly, we will not know the terms to abide by when using that item. My designer name is BitsO'Scrap so I use "bos_" at the beginning of each element / paper and on my TOU file I use "BOS 2015 TOU" so all of my items will remain together when unzipped into one big folder.
Hope that helps a little.

After a bit of tweaking, I'll be naming my May blog train contribution like this:

And each item like this:
DTD_PSMay15_BrownButton or DTD_PSMay15_ButterflyPaper_05

And my TOU like this:
DTD Dancing Tiger Designs PU TOU

My Credits file is for the whole bundle (which will be in my freebie thread), so it will be named like this:
DTD Renewal Bundle (Dancing Tiger Designs) CREDITS

Hopefully, this will cover all the bases! smiley

Is there a downside to putting "PSMay2015" at the beginning of each item?

Robyn, I think that is wonderful! By having the PSMay2015 at each item it would keep them all together, seems like a great idea to me!

Just a quick note and food for thought, the best way for Google to build a search to your files is to use as complete wording as possible, with words divided by a dash (-) no spaces. I'm a web manager where I work and we name our files like this. Over time, it has streamlined our searches for both internal searches and public Google searches. An example would be: pixel-scrapper-blogtrain-2015-rustic-charm-papers-dana-desmond

I know others prefer the shortened version, which is perfectly fine, but if you want searches for your work to be maximized, you might want to keep this in mind.

Also, I would avoid using underscores (_) as they get lost in links, ask links are typically underlined. For downloaders that don't know spaces in a web address appear as %20%, they may try to actually type the spaces.

That's pretty much how I label mine as well Robyn, except I don't put the terms on the end. Never thought of that.

I didn't know about using dashes instead of underscores. Might try that. Thanks, Dana. I have been labeling each item similar to this: PS_July2015BT_WHO_VicSeaside_paper01. However, I have not been putting them in folders. Perhaps it's because I have always kept a complete kit together in one folder and hate having to empty out a bunch of folders from each download into one to make a complete kit. For blog trains, I just keep all the designer's single folders in one named with the name of the blog train. If this is a problem to anyone, I would appreciate knowing it. Sally

I met this kind of activity now and I'm finding it very amusing. I will endeavor to try. Thank you for the initiative.

By Google translation

Learning from reading this thread. Thank you. Gotta change a lot of stuff. smiley

I also think it's good to have your main folder to have the name of the designer, whether it's their full name or an abbreviation. Some designers still are not identifying themselves, so you have to search for their TOU or another file to find out who designed what. A named zip file is helpful when you're doing a lot of downloading, as with blog trains.

In post #38, Dana mentioned something that hadn't occurred to me - using a hyphen instead of an underscore as a separator. Good idea!

I would just add that we try to keep file names as short as possible--abbreviate names like the name of the BT, use Ppr and Ele in stead of Paper and Elements, because depending on how many subfolders down in your file system you save your BT goodies, you can get some pretty long file paths. There have been times I have been unable to copy files to my designated folder because the file path is too long and have to copy it to my desktop first, shorten the folder name, then copy it back to the BT folder.

for the ownership of an image when i have used another designers template etc, i right click on the image and go to the image information and in the copyright section I add my name-pixelscrapper-designername, that way there is proof the image has ownership, I feel just placing it to file name means nothing to the average person, I have the TOU folder and then the file is named so If i say to someone you are breaking the terms with a particular image and they reply with no I made it, the evidence/proof is embedded

Oh I am so going to have to join this! I always name my files BD-filename...I hope that is ok.

I am planning to join in the Blog Train for February, but the link to the "Paper Preview Template won't allow me to get to it. It says I am "not authorized" to open that page?

This sounds like so much fun! Hoping I can get ready for future blog trains. smiley

I've tried several time to get it too Patacake but get same error msg. smiley

I am so very happy with the suggestion of adding the designers name. I have had beautiful downloads that I just went ahead and deleted because I couldn't figure out where they had come from and whom the designer was. I'm better at adding some of that info myself now, but nonetheless, thank you to all the designers who add this extra step into their already beautiful and free downloads for the trains. Many thanks. smiley

Can I ask how will I know if my kit is ready for printing resolution or not?? I have no idea about printing actually..

@Krissy - the standard size and resolution for papers is 12x12" at 300 dpi. Elements/JC's also at the same dpi in their respective sizes. Hope that helps. smiley

Oh thank you for the quick reply Amanda!! I make every elements in 300dpi always but not sure about 12x12" papers. I make 1200px papers in 300dpi.. But I will make bigger papers from now on. Thank you very much for the help!! smiley

Krissy the pixel size of 12x12 is 3600x3600.


Can someone please provide advice with posting previews for their blog train participation. No matter what I do, and I've followed all instructions on the forum, I still get people that can't see my previews. I've used dropbox, google drive, mediafire, etc..... I can see them fine on both my pc and laptop. So there's something I'm missing for general viewing purposes. I'm beginning to wonder if there's something in the metadata perhaps?

Your notes would be greatly appreciated.

It might not always be on your end, in some cases it could be the browser they are using or maybe they don't have an up-to-date version, etc.

I use imgur and I've never had a problem.

As long as you are using the little 'insert picture' icon or (Alt+M) and posting a direct link in that field, it should be working!

Thank you very much LilyAnn!!
Angela, I use Imgur as well.. Never had a problem. Just upload your photo there, hover over your uploaded photo, click on the arrow to get drop down menu, Click on get shareable links, then copy the link that says forum bb code, and paste it here directly-- you don't even need to use 'insert picture' icon, also you don't need to sign up on imgur as well..You better use a preview jpg. with 700px size..

@Angela: All those sites you mentioned likely have permissions you need to set in order for the image to be viewable by everyone (which is why you can see it, and no one else can). If you use an open image sharing site like imgur, you shouldn't have those issues.

Thank you everyone for your replies. I used my own website and that seems to be fine but I'll try imgur too. I agree that maybe it's the browser settings for the individual person. I appreciate your time in answering!!!

I love the blog trains and really appreciate all the hard work and love everyone puts into their designs.

My OCD thanks you for the naming conventions. I like to file my supplies according to my own system (subject/theme or colour and all the wonderful alphas go together....) so I have to rename every single file that doesn't have the designer's or kit name attached to it because I put them in my own folders. Thank goodness for bulk renaming programs! I admit, when I first started digital scrapbooking I missed renaming some files and now I don't know where they came from! Now that I have a program to do it for me it's much easier.

Oh, and for those of you looking for an alternative to all caps (e.g. LMG for Lavender Mint Graphics - Lisa) I often will just leave out the vowels of to shorten the names or use just enough so it makes sense to me: LvndrMntGr. Just an idea.

Again a huge thank you to everyone that shares their designs with those of us who aren't as inclined. I wish I could do what you do! smiley