Blog Train Regulations (UPDATED 4/2018)

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I think the main reason I don't publish the sign up list until the end of the month is because I don't like having the working thread and the sign up thread open at the same time. People are often confused about what's going on, so it's minimizes confusion when only one of them is available. Also, some people expect the sign up thread to be active so they can download things, and so opening it at the end of the month also minimizes that.

Of course I do realize it's a bit of a pain not to be able to schedule things in advance, as someone who loves to schedule things far in advance.

That makes sense! smiley

(I thought I saw the answer to this somewhere, but I'm not finding it now).

Question: how large can a zip file be for a blog train?

@Lisel: I'm not sure we have a standard size. On the site we have zip files that go up to 300 mb or so and no one has complained about that being too big. A smaller size will help people with slower internet.

Ok, thank you!

I am new to about to start taking part in the Blog Trains.
Now I am used to only working with color palettes of no more than 6 colours. Do I need to use all the colours given or can I choose to work with less?

Thankyou to whoever answers my question.

Anne-Marie, you can use as much or as little of the palette as you like.

Thankyou Amanda for your quick reply.

I often like to focus in on fewer colors, especially for a mini kit.

I'm very excited to try this for the first time. Thanks for the clear and concise directions.

Let us know if you have any questions Deborah, and can't wait to see what you make!

I love the blog trains! How exciting!

Thanks so much for all the time and dedication you have taken to make this site what it is! The graphics are amazing. I love the camaraderie that I have found on this site.The graphics and kits are wonderful! There are so many possibilities!

Thank you so much. Apparently I've been doing it all wrong, and will definitely fix it. I love the whole atmosphere here and how helpful and kind everyone is.

This is all great information. I appreciate all that have participated in showing the different sides of naming files and kits etc.
Thank you all for your input! I hope to be brave and make some things to post.

How many pieces are you looking for in the colab?

@Kris: That's up to you! We don't have a set number.

I’m not even sure how stupid this question is, but i’ve been wondering now for a while. What’s the purpose/benefit of posting to “reserve a spot” on the blog train? Is it just to let people know something is on its way or is there some other reason?

It does help me know when things are coming. Sometimes I lock the thread early, so then I know to wait.

Ah! that makes sense. Thank you!

Hello, I would like to participate to the April 2021 Blog Train , please.Thank you.

Feel free to join Louyse! It's informal here, so you're welcome to make whatever you'd like. Let us know if you have any questions.

Pls add me to the pinterest board. TY! smiley

@Bina: what's your Pinterest username?

@Marisa: ...not even sure, this is my link
Sorry smiley and thanks!

@Bina: Found you! You should have an invite.

I think I've read everything, but can't remember if I saw this somewhere along the way. Quality control: do I have to do something ahead of time to ensure the quality meets PS standards?

@Rachel: Only if you want to. All levels of designers are welcome, so we don't have any strict guidelines we hold people to.

Okay; cool. I'm enjoying learning how to use the features of my software as I work on these. smiley

@Marisa I just noticed on your May BT preview that you'd updated the logo with the new domain. Do you think you could make a new one for the blog train? Except where yours says "premium graphics" it could be replaced with "community blog train". smiley

P.S. I may have something coming for June. smiley