PS Aug 2013 Blog Train: Working

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PS Aug 2013 Blog Train: Working

Here's this month's palette. The theme is "At the Beach." The blog train will go live on Aug 1, see here for more instructions.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, just leave me a note.

Palette is from Design Seeds.

I love this and can't wait!

Looks wonderful!

wooow love the colours

Love the colours and the theme! I'm in!

Yessssss, can't wait to get started (even if this was my nr.2 choice)

The colors are great---loves the blues. I'm "in" as well.

The colors are perfect for scrapping beach pics! can't wait.

awesomesauce smiley
can you add me to the board please Marisa?

Love the colours! Hope to find the time to participate again smiley. Let's get the shells and seagulls out smiley.

Wow! Such beautiful colors and I can't wait to work with them!!!

I'm excited about this,this will be my first time doing this.
I don't understanding the pinning to pinterest part tho.

Such pretty colors!

Great choice! I'm excited to join in. xoxox Beth


I'd like to be added to the pinterest board!

Working on it now!

Hi Mersija,

Great to have another firsttimer joining us! You can ask Marisa to add you to the Pinterest board, she will send you the invitation and once you accept it, you can pin to the board. Can't wait to see your (and everyone else's) inspiration!

@Melouise Thank you for responding.So i would have to log into my pinterest acct?

I might actually have some free time in July to work on this, yay! I'll definitely participate in some way. I love these colors!

I added you Emily!

@Mersija: If you leave a comment on this pin, I can add you easily:

@Marisa-Thank you for the info,i am all set to go know,tho i have no clue what i'm doing.

I'd love to be involved. how does it work? Please add me also

I think I may have gone overboard (HA!) with the pinning.... smiley

But hey it's fun! smiley smiley

I would love to join in smiley May I be added?

Gonna definitely TRY to participate!

I've never joined in a blog train before, but I'd like to give it a go. I do have a question; I normally work in 200 ppi for my 12x12s, not 300, is that ok? And is it ok to use seamless tiles/patterns as well as papers? Or do you prefer the full size papers?

Hi Cindy, it is great that you want to participate, the more the merrier! To answer your question, the industry standard for papers is 12"x12" and 300 dpi. The papers should be full size for those who do not have the software to use the patterns.

Wow, Meg, you did go overboard - just a bit smiley , but THANKS. What a load of inspiration!

If you'd like to join the pinterest board, please leave a comment on this pin: