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You are welcome to participate in the blog train however you'd like. There is no requirement for participating, and no minimum or maximum. We do suggest that you keep your portion on the smaller size to make the finished product more manageable...

@Blue Cat, thanks so much!

Jessica - NO!! I always think - the more, the better. I know I can't seem to stop when I start working on a kit. Don't think I know how to make a mini. smiley If you have lots of things you want to make - go for it. Lots more to choose from...

Andene - I think that's a great idea!! Something to think about. Knowing me, I'll want to join both! Marisa, what do you think? Maybe we can submit two palettes for the January train? With the holiday almost upon us, will we be doing a December train?

Meg - I had to laugh when April talked about her vintage 50's. I hear people talking about "mid-century" and that's the 50's!! Like I told her, when I think 50's I think memories - that's when I was growing up. It doesn't seem vintage to me. I know - I'm old. LOL For me vintage is turn of the century. A good thing to do is Google "vintage" images and see what kind of things pop up. I'm sure you'll see 50's and even 60's, but you'll also see a lot of older, antique-y things.

thank you so much for the answers Linda and melouise smiley

@Linda, I asked my 19 year old daughter what she thought vintage was, she said "maybe 1800's or so". lol, I thought, wow, people do have
different views about vintage. I always think of the 20's or 30's. I would have LOVED to live during the 50's. Everything seemed so clean cut
and innocent back then. Is that how is really was?

I feel like anything before 1900 is "antique." Vintage to me means mostly 50s and 60s, but I think that's just personal.

Just checked on wikipedia. They don't have an entry for "vintage" (at least not how we're using it), but they link to "antique" and "retro style."

I feel this blog train was going more for retro than antique. What do you think?

I'm sure it depends on one's age. I hate to think that my growing up years took place in a vintage era! I might then have to admit to being a "senior citizen". I was thinking "vintage" was late 1800s through the turn of the 20th century. So if we're going for 50s and 60's style, I definitely prefer "retro" to "vintage". "Mid-century" is also a good descriptive term.

I was at a thrift store (or second hand store depending on where you're from) a few weeks ago and they had a "vintage" section. I didn't think about it then but after reading some of your comments it made me think about it. They had things labeled as "vintage" that were actually from my childhood and teen years. Remember when MTV came out? It was in 1981...they had a t-shirt with the MTV logo on it and labeled it as vintage, a Michael Jackson "Thriller" t-shirt, Halloween costumes with the thin plastic mask and elastic bands that go around your the vintage section!

I looked up the definition of vintage and there were several different definitions but the best one for me was

"Too old to be considered modern, but not old enough to be considered antique."

My whole perception on vintage has changed!

My grandma was an antique dealer and she always said that vintage items were 20 years or older, antique items were 50 years or older, so the eras are continually changing. When I was a kid 60-70s stuff was vintage, now it's antique! and the stuff I grew up with (80s) is now vintage! Crazy.

Oh, and Kiana, your kit rocks!

I love the colors! I can't wait to get started with these smiley

When I heard Vintage, I thought of Victorian rather than mid-century. I hope there will be a variety of time periods, otherwise I'd better start rethinking. Are we wide open as to what "Vintage" means?

Since the blog trains are trending towards the bigger side, I'm sure people will appreciate different interpretations of "vintage." So do what your heart desires!

Thanks Marisa.

My interpretation of vintage is somewhere between Lou Anne's and the 60's so when I read vintage, I started thinking 20's to 50's smiley

That sounds good Marisa. Thank you.

I think 1800´s-1920´s as vintage - from 30´s to 60´s as retro, and 70´s 80´s and 90´s just as 70´s 80´s and 90´s, lol. Soon there will be the 2000´s too - although I´m still not able to define it.

I don´t think there must be two blog trains a month - this would be too confusing. I like it being lots of portions, so even if some make very tiny pieces we have enough to mix and match. Also, I guess it´s a yes for a December blogtrain - our first one launched last year´s Dec 1st (and oh my, I made a terrible portion, thought that creating shapes on corel and changing colors was enough to design a kit, lol - I havent heard of any design standard or quality control at that point, what a shame smiley )

Tiffany- I like your grandmas idea of vintage and antique and you're right, it's going to change all the time. Pretty soon we'll be vintage! Lol And thank you so much for your compliment on my kit!!! smiley

Tina- I like the definition you found too!!

This is going to be a great train!

Here is my part.

@Rachelle: Beautiful kit ^_^

20's to 50's is what I was thinking too! I like the idea of there being a bunch of different eras!

I decided to go with Marisa's definition of vintage as the 1950-60 era. This was not one of my favorite kits to make, but then I didn't care for these designs when my mother decorated her house with them either. It was a good exercise to get me out of my comfort zone. These are 8.5 x 11 papers


Hi all... Here's the preview of my part. The 1920s were def my vintage inspiration...and the art deco style of that time is like patterns waiting to be! I actually found inspiration from vintage book covers with similar designs to make the patterns here. Gotta love Pinterest!

My 2nd kit/mini-kit ever and I'm very happy with all I'm learning. (I learned how to make velvet texture...woohoo!) It will be live on the blog Nov 1st. smiley

Vintage 20s - Pixelscrapper by zoenanai, on Flickr

Blog Link:

what a great collection of colors. I can't wait to see what everyone creates.

looking amazing already!!! smiley love the contributions so far!

Marisa, are you making glitter by chance?

Gorgeous ladies!!!

Beautiful portions so far ladies, still working on mine, will be done in no time smiley can't wait to show you!

Wow, so impressed with you ladies who have finished already. All of your portions look awesome!