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Everything looks so awesome so far, and what has been posted is great inspiration! Looking forward to making my contribution. smiley

Love this Palette

Deleted this submission, but going to give another go, hopefully before times up!

Gorgeous ladies!!!

beautiful previews everyone, can't wait to show you mine.. thumbs up to all of you!! smiley smiley

Harriett, those are perfect for the fifties!! I lived during that time too and I agree - I didn't like it much then, and I'm still not crazy about it. But I actually remember having something with those patterns on it - the pink ones. Funny thing - it's my son's favorite era...go figure! Do you remember the Danish modern furniture? I thought that was the only thing to have - very chic and "in" for that time. No comfy cushion on the wooden arms - very stark. I wouldn't have one now!!! LOL How times change.

I love all the different takes on vintage. It really gives us some choices. Again, seems like we will have a huge blog train - I love it!! Still working on my part. I think I'm over-thinking it!! I get an idea in my head then run off in so many different directions. I guess it's time to get focused. My biggest problem is deciding on which era to choose then stop trying to create EVERYTHING!

Great job ladies! It's all looking fantastic. And I agree - a December train would be great and one train a month seems to work best for me. It gives me a chance to focus on one good kit and not spread myself too thin.

made some glitter papers to go along with the other papers that will be available on my blog smiley

Lovely papers Sharilynn, can't wait for the blog train to start smiley

Ummm, I am going to start over... I was looking at the paper sizes of several of the freebies that I've found and figured out I really need to redo everything on a much larger scale... The good thing is that it is a learning experience for me... The bad thing is I have to start over! But that's OK. I get to keep the kit I made up already for my other uses. And I'll have a chance to make a new kit up, which is always a good thing!


If you need any help or tips, just ask and I'm sure all the ladies here can help you out, especially regarding sizes and such.

Thanks Kiana... I sure will. I've got a better idea now of the size I need - there are great examples all over the place! I'm used to working on a tagger's scale for email stationary and signatures. (Sizing down all of the time). I just have to make sure I remember what I'm doing...

Kiana, I love those damask papers are so pretty!! Great job!

Becky, I love your papers and that recipe card is fantastic!

It isn't too late to participate in this, is it? I'm SO SLOW since I have a shoulder injury that I thought I had plenty of time. I do, right?

Everyone's looks so pretty so far!! smiley smiley

@Janece: They blog train leaves November 1st, you still have a little more than 2 weeks smiley

Sharilynn, those papers are absolutely gorgeous!

I had to scrap what I had so far, so I'm starting over, and will hopefully have it ready in time.

@Janece - thanks so much!!!!

Saskia- Gorgeous. I can't wait for this train to go live!!!

Okay, like I said, I have to be careful because of a shoulder injury and arthritis. But here is my mini. I hope it's enough/okay! smiley

Gorgeous papers!!!! Love that doily too!

Hi, Ladies! Love everything so far. smiley I need some feedback about what I plan on doing. For some reason this color palette made me think of vintage Christmas. If I do a kit along that theme with the color palette, would it work or not? Still learning about how the blog trains work, so thanks for the help!

OK, I've redone mine - and in the right size this time!

Janece, I love your papers! I can't wait for all of these great mini kits to be released!

My part is done! I'll be making a piece to host on my facebook page as well, but this is the blog train portion.

@Dee; this theme is pretty open, so if you feel inspired to do a christmas kit, go ahead! I look forward to it already!

April!!!!!!!!!! That is gorgeous. I love your elements!!!

Dee, I say go for it!!!

I love the variety of colors.

@April: i love the elements, the papers.. everything, very good job! smiley