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When I saw this palette I knew I must take part. This is my portion of the train

It's hard to wait till october to download all the great stuff.

@Anett: i feel you, it is hard to wait till October, i'm excited can't wait to see all the participants portions.. btw lovely portion!!

Oh my gosh you guys I still haven't started... I've just been brainstorming for a month now, lol.

Everyone's previews look amazing so far! This BT is going to awesome!

Ok, I may have gone a little overboard smiley

great arrows Meg! And nice papers and ribbon Anett! Glad you all are joining smiley

Wouaw Meg, your part is awesome!!!!

Here is mine...and I will release a coordinated kit....I'm found of this colors!!!

› Hello everyone, just wanted to share my portion of the blog train, I enjoyed working with these colors ^_^

Jiovanna ♥

It is not very exciting this month, but I've been ill for a while, so this will be my first freebie since a long time...

I think your elements are beautiful Cintia. Your right, elements like yours are very hard to find

Love all the contributions so far, can't wait for the blog train to start! ^_^

aahhhh so many pretty things! (seriously, I need to stop hoarding supplies & scrap with this stuff soon!!) smiley I GUESS I can wait until October smiley

I've got two mini kits for this blog train! One on my blog and the other on my facebook page! Here are the previews:

These are all so beautiful! I need to get started on mine! You all have inspired me.

Here is my contribution,even tho these colors are not my favorite colors,i had a blast making this kit.
I really hope you'll enjoy it and make some awesome,so many of you ladies are soooooooo talented and gifted in your own creations.
I am learning a lot and am happy to be apart of this site,it's an honor to be around such talented ladies.........You all Rock!!

Beautiful palette and goes very well with the theme. I'm in but it's possible I may be a few days late getting my part up. I'm having troubles with my blog that I couldn't figure out (I really need to take a CSS class) so I turned it over to my hosting troubleshooter. They have promised to have my blog back up by the first but just in case, you know why I might be late posting.

Got 90% of my papers done today. I might have made this a much bigger production than it needed to be. smiley

I totally wanted to use the glitter, and then ended up making so much stuff without, I figured I should stop smiley hehehehe

I'm searching for the link to post my preview. lost in la la land..... xoxox Beth

I just love what everyone has posted so far! I was a bit concerned I wouldn't be able to finish since my illness has flared up quite a bit, but I did manage to get my part done. This is my first blog train and I am looking forward to it. smiley Thanks, Marisa!

Wow! Such beautiful contributions so far...I decided to jump in and try for this month instead of waiting for November. I'll be very busy the next day or so getting it together, but I love the color palette and the theme. Keeping my fingers crossed...

I'm so excited to be participating in the blog hop this month!

This is my first attempt at designing (and I did so with a toddler literally crawling all over me), so I thought I'd start small. My mini kit includes 3 papers, a journal card, an overlay, and a piece of trim.

Does anyone have a link handy for the best way to put everything in an easily downloadable file for the hop? I've never done that before. I can do a quick search, but I thought someone might already know the easiest place for a beginner to use.

Rebekah, on my computer, I put everything I want to include in my share, into a file folder on my desktop. Name the folder whatever you'd like your zip file to be named. Then right-click and pick "send to compressed (zipped) folder." Everything in the folder is zipped up into a file of the same name as your folder, all ready for uploading and sharing.

Hope that helps. Congrats on your first Pixel Scrapper Blog Train. Your kit is very cute!

I can't believe I got my part finished tonight!! I just dived right in. Since my time is so short for the Oct. train I created my papers then used CU4CU elements. I got a little carried away - what started out to be "small" ended up being maybe "medium"? LOL I'll get the preview posted tomorrow. Now it's after midnight and I'm about to fall asleep at the computer!! This looks like it will be an awesome train - and quite long! I can't wait to get the other parts myself.

This is my first time to join the Pixel Scrapper blog train. Loved the color palette so couldn't resist making something. smiley

beautiful work Linda!! and welcome to the blog train.. :D

Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate this month. Just too much going on... smiley

What a great color palette! and fabulous kits!

Still trying to get time to put something together. What is the latest I can join in? The 30th?

@Michele From Texas, some people have made and/or finished their parts after the blogtrain started and just posted their links later on..I don't think it matters, just so their up in the month of Oct. sometime to give people time to download them(the sooner, the better):)

WOW! What an amazing train full of goodies this is going to be!

I have my kit ready, but my new blog still needs a little work before I launch it!
I thought it was a perfect time to launch the new blog with my first Pixel Scrappers
Blog Train on Oct.1st.

Since the kit is ready and the blog is not, I'll put the preview here and will post it in the
new thread with the link to my blog as soon as I have it ready. It was a lot of fun working with
this color palette.

Here is my part of the train:

I love the color palette for the November train too! Definitely want to take part in that one! :-)