Sept 2017 Blog Train - Final List

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Sept 2017 Blog Train - Final List

***Only post in this thread if you are posting a link to your part for the blog train.***

If you'd like to leave comments, questions, thanks, etc, please do so in this post.

Please post the following in this thread:

  1. Preview Image
  2. Link to your blog or direct link to the freebie if you don't have a blog.

Your part of the blog train does not need to be live until September 1.

Please note that if you are having problems with one of the links, please contact that designer directly. I have no control over their portions. Remember to be polite because they've worked hard to make something wonderful, for free. :)

Also, if you're claiming a spot for later, when you're ready to post your part, please post it at the end of the list so people can find it easily. I'll delete your reserve comment.

On my blog:

On Facebook:

Download links will be updated by the 1st on my blog.

Here is mine - will be LIVE on 9/1/17 on my BLOG.

The links to download will be active Aug. 31st. Click HERE for my blog

Click HERE to download from my blog.

This will be available on my blog September 1:

a better look at the papers:

and a better look at the cards and brads plus another paper:

Download from my blog.

Subscribers can find my portion here on the site. Otherwise, it can also be found on my Facebook page. smiley

Available from my blog The Rush Ranch on Sept 1st.

Will be available September 1st on my blog or here for subscribers.

Download HERE

here is my part

it's live now....cause lets face it; I am totally NEW to this and have no idea what i am doing! smiley

Available on my blog on September 1!

You can get my contribution on my blog

At The Zoo | Elephants

Head over to My Blog on September 01 to download these kits:

EK01 Assorted Elements (3.89 MB)


EK02 Journal Cards (10.1 MB)


PK01 Patterned Papers (88.7 MB)


PK02 Grungy Photo Papers (19 MB)


Check out all the other giveaways while you're there!

Mine wil be at my BLOG Sept 1st

Click HERE to download from my blog (available Sept., 1st)

Click HERE to go to my blog

Available on my blog September 1st.

ETA: All my resources are CU ok. There's a TOU in the file and on my website.

On my blog

On facebook

Mine will be ready on my blog Sept.1

Hi Ladies,

I have had no time recently with so many things going on,

but I wanted to be part of this train so I made you up a little sampler kit made up of some elements
from a couple of other kits I have for sale.... there are 10 full sized zoo elements and animals

Forgive me for not wrapping them all pretty, but I did this quickly.

They are available now, in my store, by DIRECT DOWNLOAD, no signing in required etc...

but while you are there I hope you do look around, there will be a flash sale starting friday.

I went with just a general zoo theme instead of a specific animal.

Engraved wooden alpha with bonus papers at my blog.

I was playing around a made a few things this month. You can get them from my drive account here

Reserving a spot--I didn't plan on spending the night in the ER. I'll be all right, but I need sleep before I finish my QC and upload! smiley

my part (2 previews = 1 link only) in my blog here :

smiley smiley


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