Sept 2020 Blog Train - Working

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Sept 2020 Blog Train - Working

Switching things up with a new look. The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview:
Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Logo

Going with Santa Fe...

Tricia, oooooo I love those papers!

Thanks Lisel. smiley

Many thanks for the aco, Elizabeth.

I love your papers, too, Tricia!

Lovely kit, Bina!

Lovely kits so far!

will be available on my blog on September 1

Here is my part. Download link will be on September 1st.

These clusters look it September already?? smiley

Man everyone is so on it this month! I literally spent all day yesterday just trying to get my kit(s) done for August 1st! smiley LOL, yep, all 3 things I posted late yesterday were all designed....yesterday. Shew, but I'm getting on it today and starting on September! I've been SOOOOOO busy!

Saving this spot for my preview!

Wow, Rachel, well done on being so fast! I couldn’t even fathom designing on the day - it takes me a day just to get stuff “packaged” and uploaded.

I’ve made a couple of papers so far for sept but not sure if they’ll make it to the final kit.

Everything else... you’re well organised to have stuff done already! And they look great seems like we’ll have another amazing blog train - this new open theme seems to be working well. It certainly is for me... and I love the variety of the train now.

I did Apple Time and here is an Illustrator Color Swatch file if anyone needs it.

I decided to work with a desert theme:

Looking gorgeous ladies!

@Tricia ~ You can certainly feel the texture! Lovely!
@Bina ~ Cute template!
@Lisel ~ Love the writing theme you went with!
@Gina ~ I love how you used it for a fall theme - somehow this didnt occur to me lol!
@Nili ~ So pretty! Love the colors you chose too.
@Robin ~ I'm in love with your apple theme!!
@Anne-Marie ~ Very beautiful desert themed kit!

my part here quickly !!! smiley

I'm slowly getting back into the design saddle .... so I decided to join in this one.
Link will be available on September 1st.
It will be on my LinkTree page. -
(marked Pixel Scrapper Blog Train)

Here is mine.

@Kiana, it's great to see you here! I was just thinking the other day "I wonder what happened to Love It Scrap It?"
And here you are! So cool! I hope all is well with you!

@Lisel Rice
Thanks. Yeah I had an "early" retirement when my husband got sick and life was turned upside down. Life is gradually smoothing out for him and for us so that design bug has been biting again. smiley

@Gina -- I love your clusters. Great little owls.

I was thinking fall, too, when I finally looked at the palette.

I try never to sneak a peek beforehand but I'm trying hard to familiar myself with all things "Pixel". I love slowly scrolling on the first to see each kit. It's like Christmas morning, slowly unwrapping each gift to see whats inside. The temptation was too much! You guys are truly amazing. To be on the sideline watching the creative process is really unique and fascinating. A special thank you to one and all for making not just these blog trains but each and every aspect of Pixel Scrapper feel like a warm, loving family.

There's not enough Aussie stuff around.

I also have a new monitor and everything looks weird.

I haven't designed in a while. Following is my Artsy Papers for September's blog train. So far I see such beautiful kits for September. Great going ladies. smiley

[img]01-ABM-ArtsyPapers-PSBlogTrain-09-01-2020 by Sharon Grant, on Flickr[/img]

I have to say I love everyone's kits, but I'm especially loving the southwest theme kits.

@Tricia, I love the texture of your papers and elements, and especially the cute lizard

@ Bina, fantastic template, I especially like the Arizona state outline to frame everything

@Lisel, I love your take on the theme. Beautiful papers and fantastic quotes

@Gina, adorable clusters

@Nili, your mini is beautiful, I really like the two plaid papers

@Robin, how adorable, love, love your papers and apple theme

@Anne-Marie, gorgeous papers and fantastic elements, I love your cactus

@Kiana, beautiful mini, I especially like the paper second from the left

@Kris, I adore your kit, I'm especially fond of the pots, and as much as I hate to say it (because I do not like snakes), but your snakes are fantastic. I really like the paint splatters, too

@Diane, I always look forward to your elements, the bird is simply too cute and I love the striped curls/swirls

@Trish, what a great idea for a theme. You're right, there isn't enough Aussie theme kits. I especially love your flares

@Sharon, oh my, your papers are absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to snag them because I know I'll be using them often

@Dawn, I am so happy that you like them. I've been away from designing and I thought that I lost my touch. Practice is key. You are such a terrific designer. I am at awe with your designs!


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