Sept 2021 Blog Train - Comments

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Sept 2021 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until September 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

These are all wonderful! Thank you!

And thanks for the early morning laugh over the "I Hate Camping" kit!
I can SO relate. (mosquitoes love me!)


Just looking at the previews posted, wow!

I love what everyone came up with. I'll look more in-depth later on!

You are SO welcome! LOL! Yep, mosquitoes and any other creepy crawly find me.

This month's train really is spectacular, in my opinion. Thank you everyone for your work and generosity!

Thank you ladies for this great blogtrain! smiley

Really impressed by all the contributions.
Many thanks to everyone!

To Lisel Rice. Thank you for the I HATE Camping Mini kit. I so agree with you!! smiley

The others are all very nice as well.

HEhehehehe!!! You're welcome.

Thank you to everyone who participated. What a great blog train this month!

Lisel Rice: I also hate insects and your I hate camping kit rocks!! lol!

For the rest: wonderful kits! I love them all!

Thank you!

Hehehehe! I'm so happy you like it!

Thank you all Ladies for your wonderful creations! smiley

Hi all Blogtrain-Designer, much!

Thank you all for another fabulous blog train!

Such a fun blog train! thank you everyone!

thanks so much to all ))))

All the designers really outdid themselves this month! Thank you smiley

Thank you! Wonderful work as always!

Thank you for the beautiful artwork!


Thank you everyone! Loved the variety. I appreciate your contributions to this kit! smiley

Thanks ladies! I loved all the colors this month! Y'all are rock stars!

Thank you!