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@Christina Thanks! Your kit is very pretty! I love the colors you picked out.
@Lisel - Looking forward to seeing what you have put together! [I love the camping theme too!]
@Saskia - Great washi tapes! smiley

Thanks Jessica!

I have posted mine on my blog

Found on my blog at :

Hey Ladies, Sadly I'm off to bed so I might not be able to upload to the September page until mid day tomorrow. I apologize smiley.

@Michelle Moore Such a cute kit. Love the frog! smiley

@Kelly Wardlow That came out really great for older kids!

@Christina Carrano Thank you so much. I love your beautiful butterflies. There is a green one with beads on it that is just incredible and I can't wait to use it.

As always, they all look amazing.

@Kelly Wardlow You're welcome, and thanks so much. smiley

I agree; this is going to be a fantastic blog train.

Oh wow @Kelly, I love your kit, it's very clever!!

I love the variety of kits this month.

@Diane Hiller OMGoodness, I love all of the leaves. They're beautiful!

I love this blog train! Great kits so far, mine here:

Thank you, Christina. I felt like Dr. Seuss characters were peaking over my shoulder while I created those. They're fun smiley

Sonia, loving those papers!

These are all so amazing... I wish I did camping. These trains always make me look forward to the beginning of the month!

@ Lisel - LOL, I love it. Storms in a tent? Not my thing. While I'm praying to God the tent doesn't shred or get hurled down the side of a canyon, I tell myself I'm never camping again. Then, a half-mile down the road for home, I'm planning the next camping trip because I just really don't want to go home.

Hehehehe! See? Someone gets me. And I totally get it, when I've gone camping, even when it was a horrible, no good experience, the PEOPLE I'm with are who I want to spend time with again. And sometimes, that's how they best enjoy spending their time, so if I want to spend time with them....... Go figure.

This is so gogeous, I like iit very much!❤️❤️❤️

So.....just checking.....are we starting the final September Blog Train thread somewhere yet?


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