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I was wondering if anyone who makes AI generated images could tell me what program (or site) they use. Pros and cons of different generators, how much they cost, if there are any that are free to try. That sort of thing. Thank you.

Robyn, I've tried a variety of them, always the free or trial version. Rather than listing them (Bard, ChatGPT, Leonardo.AI, etc.) and their attributes let me share a link to Matt Wolfe, someone who's done all the work already.

Which AI Generator


Hi Robyn,

I've been trialling out several over the course of this year.

I started off with creativefabrica's version (Which is what got me hooked on things in the first place) and, while it's good, I feel it was somewhat limiting. I believe it's gotten an update or two since I last checked in with it.. But I've kinda fallen off the bandwagon with them.

I then trialled Midjourney. And out of all the ones I've been using so far, this is by far my favourite. I've created over 20,000+ images since about the beginning of the year. There's a few tiers with different price tags attached to each. I pay the $30/month (You can also pay yearly) which gives me 30 hours, and if I run out of hours, I can go relaxed which I am able to still create images at a relaxed rate (Sometimes it can be 'slower', but mostly, it's only a few minutes. Sometimes, during peak periods, it can be a bit longer 10mins+) You can also toggle between fast and relaxed. They recently released a tune prompt which mixes your images in different styles and you can create many amazing images on top of ones you've already created.

I've also tried Leonardo (Paid, and they also have free credits.) It's also really good (It takes longer prompts to get it to spit out a picture that you want (In comparison to MJ)

There's also one called nightcafeai (I'm signed up for a reminder to my email which entitles me to get 5 free credits a day) of course there's paid versions of that too.

I could waffle on all day about this, but hopefully that's given you some insight.

Both PSP and Adobe CC have ai generators now and the way they are going, especially with mixers they seem to be catching up pretty fast to the web apps mentioned here and in the video. Thanks for the link @Sharin Johnson.

You're welcome, Bina. Matt's a great resource.

I am taking an AI course .... it's not cheap but worth every penny ... he uses Mid Journey and takes you through everything from beginning to end along with prompts, including some that create photographs ... just thought there might be some interested ... AI course

Thanks Susan! starts you out with 2000 images for free(200 credits). That's what I've been messing with. They also give 10 credits a day(100 creations), 1024x1024 down to 512x512, image variation as well(cost 1 credit) 4 images per generation. After the free credits are gone the pricing for a plan is really cheap and a good deal(Stable Diffusion 1.5) Their Dall-E 2 plan pricing isn't as good but still cheap. is the best I've come across because each image generation cost 0.1 credit. So you get 10 per credit. And they are using the latest version of Stable Diffusion and Dall-E 2.

Thanks, Rosa. New info for me!

I've been doing AI Art for over a year, and until a couple months ago I did all mine on mobile. There's some really good mobile apps that can generate some amazing art. But recently I've switched to Nightcafe and I'm loving it. The results are stunning, and they a lot of presets (styles) to choose from too. Midjourney, is suppose to be the best and it does make amazing art. But for me Nightcafe can't be beat.

I use Spark at and enjoy it as the product is in transparent png format. I understand midjourney is better but the images are not transparent so that adds an extra step of removing the bg.