downloading .exe files?

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downloading .exe files?

Hi everyone,
I've downloaded some blog trains lately. Some of the files are downloading as a .exe file. I went back & checked to make sure I didn't click on the wrong thing somewhere along the way & that wasn't it. The one I checked came from 4shared. If this is normal, what am I supposed to do with it? Thanks!

Carefully read the information when downloading from sites such as 4shared. Sometimes they will include links that look like a download link, but actually is leading to a download manager program of theirs, which isn't healthy for your computer. Carefully read through all instructions and information on the page, and it should be easy to download the file you need from the correct link.

Neona ... good for you asking before opening ... .exe files are installer files ... never open them unless it is software you know you downloaded and has the proper name on it etc ... Nicole is right .... here's a hint when you are downloading something ... when your download window pops up take a look at the name of the file before you click on the actual download ... it will tell you if it's the right file or not. Those files can really really mess up your computer.

Thanks ladies! I just realized something. I initially didn't like 4shared because of all those download buttons. I couldn't figure out which one was the right one. I just figured it out this past weekend. And I bet all those .exe files were from before I figured it out! I've been on a Mac for work for so long that it's hard to get used to the extra vulnerability of a PC.

OK, so I went back to a couple of the one that downloaded as .exe files. They were from 4shared for sure. But I cannot find the *right* link. Here's an example from Bits O Scrap's blog for the Country Wedding BT last spring. Usually I'm clicking on the link just to the right of the file info that says Use uTorrent, but that doesn't work on this & a few others. Can someone point me in the right direction?

The download link is usually the last to load and is smaller than the others.
It states download, with a share button next to it and next to that is add to my account.
When you click the download button you will see the screen reload. This time you will see a large box towards the center, which is the timer. You have to click the time on the bottom of the box and than it will start to count down. When done it will load the download dialog box.

You might also try downloading an app or add-on for your browser that blocks ads. That would help eliminate the fake download buttons.
(I like using AdBlock and AdBlock Plus for Chrome.)

Edit: I decided to make a couple of images to help...

The download page will have the following on it:

Once you click the download button, this is the page you'll go to: (and you will more than likely get a pop up in another window that will be another 4Shared page. Ignore/close that.)

I've always been logged in when trying to download, so I don't remember ever encountering this pop-up (and I mean pop-up in the sense that it pops up inside the page that you're in, turning the page "behind" it all blue):

I, personally, would rather sign up for an account than let 4Shared link up to and snoop through my social media accounts. I have come to decide that I do not like to deal with 4Shared, and I've had scrappers complain about 4Shared being difficult (or completely unable to access), so I've moved to providing my files through Google Drive. I get more space, too, and I'd rather pay THEM than 4Shared for storage. LOL! But that's just me.

Hope this helps! smiley

THANK YOU!! So much, both of you! That was tremendously helpful! It's interesting that I was able to download the majority of the files using the uTorrent link, but now that I know the REAL way to download, I will do that!

So glad you were able to solve your download problems.

This is a great topic, because file sharing sites can be so confusing with all the download buttons virtually screaming "Pick me, pick me". Mollie, your screen shots with added notes make it very clear which buttons to click on. I'm now so used to 4shared that I just automatically ignore all the other rubbish on the screen, but it is difficult for someone who's not familiar with it. Mediafire is another one that annoys me, partly because it doesn't work with IE for me (but it works perfectly with Chrome) - and partly because of all the flashing ads and extra windows that open up. Give me a nice clean site like Dropbox or Copy any day!

Font sites can be annoying this way too .... unless you are familiar with the site it can get very annoying ... I had one lead me to another page to download the font and it lead me to an .exe file only .... there was no other choice so I just dumped it ... the font was really cool but not that cool