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Filter Forge for Photoshop

Hello all,
I recently purchased filter forge to go along as a plug in for Photoshop. It was actually suggested here (I think it was Jackie Dean and I apologize if that's wrong). I love the messy painting filter and the chalky filter (used for school items smiley ) and I've used about 10 others, but I was wondering if anyone has lots of experience or found a site that is helpful. You can make your own filters and also adjust the ones they have and I was just curious if others have favorites.

I've never tried this!

I have a couple of blog posts about using Filter Forge (although I use it with PaintShop Pro) and a full-length class on it (that is not free though)

I had downloaded the free trial awhile back. However, it was rather confusing to me, so I didn't test it out much. And then the trial ran out, so I was out of luck there. lol

Hi Christina,
I agree it's not very intuitive at first it took me awhile. But then I made a little progress and really loved it. There's one filter I used on my kids pictures and had them printed out on canvases and now they look like paintings, it was awesome. But again I know maybe like 8% so I'm going to check out the videos that Carole has posted. I'll let you know if I make some good headway with it. @Marisa I think you would love it, truly. But I think it's really easy to get caught in a black hole and it can suck your time smiley!

@Carole Cassel thank you for the resources. I loved your page and all of your scripts, if only I used PSP!

@Kelly Thanks! Maybe I'll try to give it a go again on my son's laptop. He's got Photoshop, which I'm just learning, but I could mess around on it this weekend while the granddaughter is asleep. Carole is fantastic. I've bought some of her scripts. I especially love the bead scripts; they're awesome. She knows her way around PSP like the back of her hand. lol If you're interested, PSP has a 30-day trial with full access to the program.

Kelly, I know that "learning" a new program is always a challenge, but I heard some Photoshop users who got a copy of PSP only to use my products (scripts and picture tubes) since they don't have equivalents in Photoshop. Something to consider if you ever get an option to obtain a copy of PSP (even an older version) at a good price.

Hi Carole, Thank you so much. I will definitely keep a look out now. I'm always so impressed with PSP and the beautiful effects it can do!