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Gamut in PSE


How do you check if colors are in gamut in Photoshop Elements? Thanks. Sarah

Sarah, there is no way to check gamut in Photoshop Elements, not even in the latest version. However, DS designer Jessica Dunn tested the free online photo editor, Photopea. Here are Jessica's instructions:

"Well this may be a few extra steps but if you find yourself in need you could use (free and works in browser - no installs).

I tested it on a png which I created out of gamut for the purpose of testing this.

1) Open the file in Photopea.

2) In the menu select Image->Mode->CMYK (You will notice the out of gamut colors change.)

4) Now, in the menu select File->Export As->PNG (or JPG).

5) Reopen the exported file in Photopea and select Image->Mode->RGB, but since it had been saved in CMYK all the color is now in gamut but now your file is back to RGB land.

[That switch in Photopea doesn't actually keep unless you first save in CMYK, then reopen that file and save as RGB.]

A bit of a hassle, yes, but if you find yourself needing it for some reason or other it is an option."

I use it for everything now (I also got a friend who has Photoshop to check the same files for me, and it seems to be accurate.

Thanks Robin! smiley

You're welcome, Sarah!