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Can anyone please help me on how to use a mask and add a photo with the Photopea software....I am clueless. Thanks

I've never tried to do this in Photopea, but their Learn (Help) section is a wonderful resource.

Here's a link to their instructions on Masks:

If you are trying to use a photo mask and clip a photo to it, just open both your mask and your photo in photopea. Be sure your photo is above your photo mask in your layers panel. On your photo right click, choose "Clipping Mask" and it will clip the photo onto your photo mask which should be right below it. You can just click on the photo at that point and move it around until you are happy with the result.

Hope that helps if the link Candace provided didn't already cover it. smiley

Thank you I will go there now and check it out.

Hi Jessica, that is exactly what I want to do. I went and tried what you said but cannot get it to work. Is there any way you could show me visually...step by step, this layer stuff boggles my mind, but the end results look so awesome that I have to conquer it. Thanks so much for your input. I cannot get my head around the tutorial. I am very much a visual learner than a reading the instruction me once and I've got it kinda I guess that's my bad...

I was just watching this beginnerstutorial on you tube
at 3:32 he shows the layer tab on top.. there you can see: clipping mask (short cut for it ALT+CTR+G) click on that and your selected layer will clip to the layer right under it.

in this video
at about 5:20 she shows how to use a clipping mask by rightclicking on the layer you want to clip. Watch till the end, she repeats using a clipping mask a few times.
You have to do the same when you want to clip a photo to a mask.

There are a lot of video tutorials on Youtube. As a visual learner, they should be very helpful to you.

Thanks Patricia, I will check them out and let you know how I fared.

Sorry. Hopefully you were able to figure it out with the videos. I will say I should have told you to create a new project [I used a canvas of 12x12 inches with 300dpi to ensure enough workspace] and then use File->Open & Place to find your mask - which allows you to add layers your new project. I do best with visual too so I do understand. Hope the videos Patricia shared can help you figure it out. smiley If you are still having trouble tho I can put together some screenshots. Just let me know! smiley

Hi Jess can you please put together some screenshots, I am a lost cause.....I already have a black mask and I need to clip or paste a photo into it or onto it so that I get the nice effect of the mask to surround the you get my drift.......LOL. Would help if you could do it by "Step 1, Step 2 and so on, but please only do this when you have time... Thanks so much Jess.

Aww Chookie I am sure you are not a lost cause! Happy to help! I went ahead and created a page on my blog with a tutorial since that was easier for me than on here. I am not always the best at explaining but I really hope it makes sense for you! smiley

Awesome tutorial, Jessica!

Thanks for taking the time to put that together.

Oh my word Jess, what a star you are. Thanks a million for this, and like doing it so quickly I do so appreciate all you have done and thanks for your eternal patients with me. I am going to print each step and keep them forever. I will practice later on and when I have completed my one I shall paste it on your blog. There is something else I would like to know but will leave that for another day. ( About cutting paper shapes out). You made this tut so simple and easy to follow, definitely my style.... smiley Hugs for a tutorial well explained.

Yay I did it, not all my black was covered but practice makes perfect. Not sure how to paste the end result on here.....Thanks again so much Jess.....

Thank you Candance!

And no problem Chookie! I'm just so glad it was helpful! And I am really happy you came back to let us know you were able to get it to work for you! You are right the more you play around with it the more you will pick up on how things work. Altho I completely understand needing to follow tutorials as I am always doing that myself with Adobe Illustrator.

When you say cutting paper shapes are you meaning a paper with cut outs which are shadowed and you can place photos beneath them? Like the circles in this layout?

Or do you mean something else entirely?

Thanks so much for all the kind words & so happy you came back with your update! smiley

Hiya Jess,
Well, well I love the cut out above very novel!!.....can I do that in photopea? I was thinking along the lines of cutting a v shape at the end of a strip of paper, something along those lines. Is there anyway I am allowed to or could paste a photo here?

This looks interesting. I'll may have to look into it. Thanks for sharing the info