Photoshop: Do you prefer a .TIF file or .PSD file

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Photoshop: Do you prefer a .TIF file or .PSD file

I have found that I much prefer saving my files as .TIF because the file shows up as a preview where as the .PSD file does not. It's just a photoshop icon. I feel like if I save a file as a PSD. I also have o save it as a JPG or a PNG so I can see what the file looks like before opening. I have also noticed that my TIF files save at a smaller size. I don't know why that is. Does anyone else have a preference?


Not a Photoshop user, but I prefer PSD.

Just curious for those that prefer PSD why? I don’t really know the difference.

Great info!

I save as .tif, for the same reasons that you mentioned.

If you save for yourself, it might not be an issue but if you want to distribute/share files, remember that PaintShop Pro can open PSD files but will flatten TIF ones.

An excellent find/read! IMO, this should be a MUST READ for all who wish to wander into the world of digital designing; thank you for sharing, Bina. smiley

That's also why I prefer PSD files.....and then I save them as a PSP file because it's a lot smaller than the PSD files.

psd for sure !!!! I use paintshop pro and I can't never open tif smiley