Photoshop vs Photopea

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Photoshop vs Photopea

Has anyone who used Photoshop also used Photopea? If so which would you recommend and if you could please give a specific reason.

Photopea is a web app. So not for me.

I have already tested Photopea out of curiosity.

I would say it was a pretty good surprise and the resemblance between the two interfaces was really uncanny.

Nevertheless Photopea is a lighter version of Photoshop. There are not all the tools and options available like for Photoshop.

It can be interesting to learn or for simpler touch-ups smiley

I too have tried Photopea...I have it in my bookmarks! Its ok...& like Anne says, its a lighter version of Photoshop. But I haven't used it in sometime, though... smiley. I would go with Photoshop!