Ps Plaid Maker Action s Only Half Are Working

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Ps Plaid Maker Action s Only Half Are Working

Only the last 4 are working, none of the Twill Pladis work. They only give me lines.
I'm still fairly new to PS & have no clue what to do.

Hi Jessica. If you can leave details about what version of Photoshop you're using, I'll send this to Elif and see if she has any thoughts.

Did you load the twill .pat files? Just curious if that could be the issue.

To keep things updated here she has installed the .pat files and she's using Photoshop CC 2021.

I can't get them to work either. I've also installed the .pat files & I'm also using PS CC 2021 (the latest version).

This is curious to me because I am also running the latest version of Photoshop CC and these actions work fine for me.

Hi ladies! Sorry you're having troubles with this. However I don't see any issue either. I've tested these actions with Photoshop CC and everything runs smoothly as long as you install the action and pattern files into the software.
One issue that I encountered is that if you don't flatten your initial stripe pattern the action can't create the twills correctly. Have you flatten all the layers into one single layer for your striped pattern before you hit play?

@Elif thank you for the suggestion. Flattening the initial stripe pattern was the step I was missing.

I got it working! Thank you so much for reply, I look forward to using it.

I'm glad it worked Anne! smiley