Scrap Bootcamp for PaintShop Pro users

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Scrap Bootcamp for PaintShop Pro users

Some PaintShop Pro users might feel a little lost since all the tutorials in this forum are more for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

If you are a beginner with digital scrapbooking, or with PaintShop Pro, you can join our free Scrap Bootcamp starting on January 17th.
It will last 2 weeks and will include 7 lessons including installing and customizing your PSP, understanding layers and completing 5 pages.

You can register HERE.
You can also direct others you might see who would need some help with PSP.

Another presentation of the Bootcamp will start on April 11th, 2022.

For anyone new to digital scrapbooking or new to using PaintShop Pro, we will go over the beginning (with installing the program) to completing projects.

Registration is on the same page HERE.

This was a fun class to take!

And there is more to come smiley

Carole, I enjoyed the two workshops (masks and templates). I learned a lot and l'm go on learning, learning... Now I have more time to try and create because unfortunately I'm Covid 19 positive. So I take my time to learn.

I'm looking forward to see what workshop will come next.

Greetings from sunny Germany,


The next workshop is going to be about Quick-Pages.
Registration is open HERE
It is a good step after the Bootcamp for beginners, but also a good way to scrap fast for those in a hurry!

I really enjoyed the workshops you offered. The Quick-Pages were so helpful in working with text.
Thank you,

The next Scrap Bootcamp is scheduled to start on October 10th.

Registration is still free:

And as usual, participants can win great prizes including a copy of PSP2023!

Is there a class for 2023 please...regards Cheryl

Yes Cheryl, there will be one in January 2023. You can register with the same link:

Thank you for that I am going to register

Even though I've been using PSP for decades, out of curiosity, what will you be covering in the January? There are still things I don't know how to do in PSP. For instance, your bead script. I've made bubbles before, but making more spherical objects that pop like the beads has always eluded me.

Christina, the Bootcamp is pretty basic as it is meant for newcomers. We cover the principle of layers (which is essential in digital scrapbooking). We also look at all the basic manipulation tools like resizing, shadowing, linking layers, selections, etc.

The Basic Scrap Course (which is not free), will dive into more advanced, yet still basic tools and functions.

More advanced and detailed tutorials are inside the membership, like the Pearls that can be done manually:

Or Glass beads like this:

Alrighty, thanks, Carole! I'll poke around and see what you have to offer.

You can always watch the last full-length master class, however. So, right now, you can watch the PaintShop Christmas 7 class. The link is available on this page:

The next Scrap Bootcamp will start on January 16th, and will run for 2 weeks.

It is totally free and you can register HERE.

It is specifically for PaintShop Pro users!