Scrapbooking in Canva

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Scrapbooking in Canva

I wanted to post this here for people to come to for Canva - it's browser based and if you go on the commons and search "canva" (while it does show some pieces tagged canvas as well lol) you will find some resources for it smiley

I have been adding to my templates as there is a new feature to allow uploads of PDFs and I'm super excited about it - I see it as PSDs are to Photoshop, PDF scrapbooking templates will be to Canva! While as the time of posting this I cannot see a way of importing them on mobile devices, you can drag and drop them straight into a browser smiley

I am still playing with it myself but I'm happy to try and assist anyone who wants to give it a go!

Thanks Kirsty!

Just getting back online, so sorry for the delay in replying. I absolutely love Canva. It is my go-to for most projects. I would love to see more people using it for craft projects - I feel a blog post coming on! Ali x

I had recently discovered this as well and added it to the pinned "Software Recommendations And What You Use" topic here in this section.

Hi Kristy,
I have a quick question regarding this site and Canva with regards to what is ok to upload to Canva. I don't have any designs I personally have designed, yet. Is it ok to upload to Canva with the downloads of the freebies and the other kits and bundles I have purchased here? I am not clear about the piracy of downloads, I have read the piracy and those posts. Just want to be sure it ok.
Thank you

Sorry for the delay Cheryl 😊 if it is for your own personal use within Canva then you do need to upload it to the site to be able to use the designs for scrapping in it as this will only be visible to you. You just cannot share the canva link with others as that would be against TOS. Hope that helps!

I love canva! I started using it for work and got the idea when I needed something specific for a scrapbook and made it on there and my eyes opened! I am a newer scrapbook that only ever used sites like snapfish but tried layering and such to get the looks I wanted. So I started using canva and then I save the png and upload them and print my books! I am obsessed! I like that its browser based and I can work on my lunch breaks and not have to worry about bringing something to work!

𝓒π“ͺ𝓷𝓿π“ͺ is so great! I sometimes use templates from π“œπ“Έπ“¬π“΄π“Έπ“•π“Ύπ“· for some of my projects. I don't know if anyone else is using this tool but I kind of like it smiley A few years ago Photoshop was my number one choice but now I tend to use these online tools more often.

I haven't heard of this. So before I replied I clicked on the site and explored it a little bit and it is really neat! I like that you can generate titles! I played with that and even explored the logo maker! That would be awesome for making little graphics and then I would probably import into canva since I am a little more familiar in there for now! I really like that site! I think I might explore a little with it tomorrow! I am really excited thank you Joana for showing me that page!