What program do you use to digital scrapbook?

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Fireworks is an old Macromedia program, now Adobe. It is great for images for the web. It was designed to create and edit for placement on the internet.

for anyone that uses both photoshop and paint shop pro -
does psp have layer masks like photoshop does?

Yes, PSP has mask layers. It also has adjustment layers and now, layer styles too. they are not the same as Photoshop, but they have some of those functionalities, although you will never use PS styles in PSP!

I started out with PSP version 9 but now slowly moving to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements....

I use My Memories Suite...I find it so easy to use and i like that i can export it to a book if i want to. However, I use Photoshop Elements to create some things and then i will just upload them to My Memories and rearrange my pages on there. My Memories is limited in terms of being able to create your own things, but its a great beginner software at least, and i decided to just keep with it while using Elements for design purposes.

I use Photoimpact X3 and I am trying to use PSCS2

I have my memories too but I cannot do shadows on elements there ,

I started with GIMP and then I moved to Photoshop Elements when I started to design my own kits. I have a copy of PSP but I have no idea how to use it. smiley

Thank you Judy. smiley

You are welcome

I made the same switch to Artisan. I'm happy about it, especially the enhanced photo editing functionality within Artisan. I used to do all the photo editing in MM and then bring it over but now you can do all that MM could do and much more.

I use PSE 10. I started with PSE 2 which came with my first Nikon Digital camera. I then upgraded to PSE 4, 7, 8, and now 10. I also had a copy of PS5 and 7 which came with my scanners. I tried CS2, but didn't have enough memory on that particular computer, so went back to using PSE 7. PSE 8 was included with my Watcom Bamboo Tablet. I purchased PSE 10 on a really good deal from Amazon. I also had copies of PSP, but didn't want to spend the time learning new software. It really is all up to each person and what you get used to using and what works best for yourself.

Yes Helene it is up to each one to decide what is best for themselves. Thanks for sharing.

I am blown away that there are so many programs! I use Collage Maker for Mac - and it is free for Mother's Day for another day smiley This is the new version that is so much better to work with than the older version.

I'm enjoying looking up the other programs smiley

I thought I had posted in this thread and came back because I have a question.

First, I still use PSP8 here at work on a Windows 7 PC. I'm trying a trial version of PSP 6X Ultimate since I'm a long time PSP user! I bought Pixelmator to use on my Mac at home, but I'm in the middle of a trial for PSE 12 (wish Corel didn't leave us Mac users out of the loop).

If I end up choosing PSE 12, is it possible to buy only one, but use it at home on my Mac and install it as well on my PC here at work? I did some googling and saw where you can, but am hoping someone here actually has. Although I'm much more comfortable with PSP, I'm really liking PSE and may go with it.

So, can it be purchased once and used on two computers?


In the past Adobe has allowed the for more than one install. But you can only use on one at a time. Which means that you cannot have it open on the Mac and open on the PC at the same time.

The same is true with Photoshop you can install on a couple of computers - a laptop and a desktop, but only use on one at a time.

Ah, ok that's cool since I'll either be here at work, or home. If the day ever comes I'm home and at work at the same time ... we're doomed! lol



I have PSP X5 and X6 and also PSE 11 and 12.

Last night I got the Craft Artist 2 that was on sale. This will be great for some quick layouts.

I literally have 29 photo albums of old photos combined from my husbands family and my family. Each album has approx 500 photos because the albums I bought hold 500 and they are almost all full. So as much as I love making my own images, this quick layout software and their free kits will save me tons of time as I try to make some family scrapbooks out of this huge bunch of photos.

Maybe someone in a similar situation will find that helpful? I expect my albums to be a combination of my own designs and purchased and free designs. smiley

I started with Photoshop Elements 10.0 but I couldn't wrap my brains around it. So, I turned to Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6. Much easier for me to comprehend. I know, I don't make sense. That's just the way my brain works! smiley

You must love the added options and features of Photoshop

i am using photoshop CS/CC but i really would love to learn how work with illustrator!

Illustrator is great for creating elements and vector graphics. A good program to learn.

I use PS CS6. I am using a licensed copy through my work so I didn't have to buy it. If I didn't have that I would use it via Creative Cloud. I really like PS and I love the ability you have with it. Keep an eye on the monthly cost and you can usually get it cheaper. If you are a student you can get it for $9.99 a month. Not to bad.

Good luck!!

Love Illustrator. Just took a class on Saturday, was blown away with some of the new tricks that I learned. smiley

Zanthia, the following is a link that shows you how to use layer masks in Paint Shop Pro

Annika, the hardest part of illustrator is getting used to the pen tool. Her is a cool article about the pen tool and the nodes. Look at this after playing with the tool for a little while. So What’s the Big Deal with Horizontal & Vertical Bezier Handles Anyway?

Good luck!!

I use CS6 and love it. I started out with Elements, but went to the full version of Photoshop because I wanted to be able to use layer masks. The later versions of Elements have layer masks as well I've been told.

btt for newcomers

I use Corel PSP v2020 and Photoshop CC 2021. Love using photoshop.

I've used GIMP for years.