Where did the old Photoshop and PSP forums go?

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Where did the old Photoshop and PSP forums go?

For a while we have been discussing the possibility of merging the software specific forums into a single forum where users can ask questions related to any program that they are using, and that's what we've done now. Please see this forum topic for the relevant discussion that took place around this merging idea.

If you have bookmarks or links to old topics in the Photoshop and/or PSP forums, those bookmarks and links should still work: the old software specific forums have been "hidden", but they are still accessible if you have bookmarked or linked to any posts.

For the purpose of finding old posts, the old forums are still available to browse through here:

This forum is now available for posting questions related to any specific software program. The title of your post should be:

NAME OF PROGRAM [IN ALL CAPS]: Your question (not all caps)

Here are some programs in order of popularity on our site, along with how they should be abbreviated in your forum post title:

  1. Photoshop CS: PHOTOSHOP
  2. Photoshop Elements: ELEMENTS
  3. PaintShop Pro: PSP

Feel free to reply to this post with any questions or comments.