Storybook Users: Converting .PSD to .JPG

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Storybook Users: Converting .PSD to .JPG

Kimberly had asked in another forum about being able to use the templates in her program for scrapbooking called StoryBook Creator. She had said that she was only able to use jpeg or png format. So I've tried to come up with a solution for her and anyone else that uses this program to be able to use the templates we have here at the site for you to download but that are not already in the format you need.

This is the solution that I’ve come up with for you to make Marisa’s templates useful to use in Storybook Creator and other programs that use only the jpeg or png formats. A few weeks ago someone told me about a program called FastStone Image Viewer to download for a different need I had. Well, this program will work perfect for you to be able to convert the layered psd files to jpeg or png file type without having or needing to own PhotoShop. Whooo Hooo!

Here’s a very basic tutorial:
1) Download FastStone Image Viewer here and Install it onto your PC or Mac.
2) Within your “PixelScrapper Templates” download Folder, create an empty New Folder called “Jpeg Templates”
3) Open FastStone. In the top left corner, find the folder your templates are in. Then on the right highlight the psd templates you want to convert to jpegs.
4) At the top click the Tools, then Batch Convert Selected Images. A new dialog window will come up. In the lower left side change the output to jpeg format. Check Output folder and then click browse & find the folder you created earlier named Jpeg templates.
5) Uncheck Use Advanced Options, Uncheck Rename, CHECK Keep Original Date/Time, CHECK Ask Before Overwrite
6) Now is time for the magic: Click Convert & Let it happen! Once it’s done, click Done

Now exit the program and go find your folder with your new Jpeg copies of the templates. NOTE: There are several conversion options… PNG, JPEG 2000, TIFF, GIF, PDF

Hope this is going to be major helpful for you being able to use the templates here at the site!

WooHoo!!! Thank you so much for finding this! I'm so excited to go try it out!

Thanks for this info Shawna! I think I might move it to the tutorials section, but I was wondering if you could still edit it if I did that?

@Marisa; don't know about the rest of us, but I seem to have permission to edit all forum threads, so there shouldn't be a problem editing in the tuts section for Shawna. But then again, maybe Jordan just made a mistake on my licensing smiley

Actually I was going to add it to the tutorials section and I can't do anything in that section at all. Maybe it's just my permissions though and not everyone's? smiley

So I finally got to try it, Shawna. It works really well, well, sort of. smiley It very easily made the PSD template into a Jpeg, however, it just keeps it as one picture, not separate elements. So I just used it as the base and copied it pretty easily with just adding my own shapes/elements over top. So it works, with a little more work on my part, but that's okay. What I'm really excited about is the possibility of changing PDF files into JPEGs. My husband just scanned all of the drawings we did at a drawing class in California Adventures - the sheets were huge like 20x15 or something. Anyway, he emailed them all to me as PDF files which I was stressing about for a moment as to how to put them all into a layout like I wanted. Then you posted this and it's a solution to my problem. I can't wait to do that layout now. Thanks again!

@Kimberly: smiley so glad it is helpful for you!

Thanks! It's not too often I come across items not available in .png or .jpg, but for the times I do this will really help out!

This program converts PSD to png too? But how can i make to save like the layers as png? xo smiley

Oh. My. Gosh. I have FastStone Image Viewer and this is just one more reason for me to love it. I can use this to do batch renames on digital items I download! This will save me so much time!



Storybook Creator, or now Artisan, is a great scrapbooking program, but their coloring options aren't great. I found some success using Gimp in using the templates, and Gimp is free which is a bonus, and has a ton of tutorials written and youtube. It's not as clean cut as photoshop or PSP but it works when you're on a budget!

You can also export files to change their format.

Thank you !!!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Has any of our StoryBook/Artisan users figured out a way to keep the layers and keep them in the "right" place/position yet? We have a couple members who are needing to do this with the templates from psd to png??? Thanks for any help! smiley

thank u

I had figured out how to convert the templates to a .page file to use in Artisan but it has been so long since I have done one I forgot. Maybe I can figure it out again smiley

thank you so much for this tip it will help me so much