Creating an Outline From Any Shape, video

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Creating an Outline From Any Shape, video

In this tutorial I'll show you have to create an outline for any shape and then apply these fun enamel styles.

A quick summary from the video:
Create your shape and then duplicate it. Using the top layer, turn the fill off under layer styles and add a stroke to create the outline.

Before you apply a new style to your outline layer, right click and choose "rasterize layer" to finalize the outline.

Thank you for this tutorial Marisa, Elif and Janet make beautiful and useful layer styles and actions for Photoshop, thank you all for your hard work smiley

Thank you so much for a great tutorial! How fun! smiley

Thanks for the tutorial. It looks really easy (once you have shown us) and I will find it useful.

Thanks for the tut. I'm going to try it next time I go to my son's house (he has PS).

nice tut, thanks for the tips and tricks you showed here

Nice tutorial and especially nice results