How to Make Basic Cardboard (any color)

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How to Make Basic Cardboard (any color)

This method is a very quick and easy way to add a little depth to paper that resembles cardboard.

First, fill the layer with the color you'd like to use.

With the color layer selected go to Filters -> Noise -> Add Noise

Use the following settings (you can adjust these settings to get more or less color change):

Next go to Filters -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur


Thank You very much~!


wow that was fast and easy! Thanks for the tip

I love how easy it is. You rock Marisa! (as always) xoxox Beth

that looks so easy. I bet even I can do it. Thank you

So simple. Thanks

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Great tip!!! Thanks a lot.

Thank you!

awesome, always wondered how to do that

Thanks! Simple, easy and effective!

Thanks for making this so simple! Great tutorial! smiley

This isvery useful, thank you.

I am learning so much here at and the best part is I'm having a lot of fun doing so! Thanks Marisa!

That was as simple as simple can get.Thanks sweetie!!

Gosh you do the most amazing tutorials, learning lots with you. thank you

Surprisingly simple, but SO useful! Thank you.

So much simple than I would guess by looking! Thanks for sharing!!

I really appreciate all of your tutorials.

This was just what I was looking for smiley Thank you very much!

I'm so glad I found this site.. you are making it easy to learn all the things I have wanted to learn. I just wish I could go through all your tutorials in one day... but I will be going through each one of them as I have the time.

Ready to try, thanks! smiley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this tutorial!

I just tried this using a 12 x 12 size and the same settings. I can't see a darn thing - did I use the right size? I had to triple the settings on the Noise and Blur to see any difference. Sizes this big are a big difference is what I'm used to and the proportions confuse me! lol

@Lisa Marie: The tutorial shows it being done on a 12x12 sized canvas. If you're screen is smaller though, you may not notice the effect as much. My screen is big enough that I can see a paper at 25%. But if you get smaller than that, it will definitely be less noticeable. Make sure you zoom in to see what's really going on.

Thanks, Marisa. The size it settles on (at 12x12) is 23%. I'll have to remember to zoom in!

thank you smiley

Ah, so timely! I'm trying to hard to not say thank you for each and every tutorial I read over my lunchbreak today (specially when the last reply was 8-9 months ago!!!)... but this one, I have to say THANKS!!!!! smiley smiley
just what I needed to make a preview for my "working on" kit and extraction challenges!!! smiley so happy! I could dance!!! smiley (but I'd look silly dancing with no music, at work!)

This tutorial is so useful. Thank you so much. It was so easy!