How to Make Corrugated Cardboard (Any Color)

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How to Make Corrugated Cardboard (Any Color)

This tutorial is a littler more involved than the basic cardboard, but it can be easily made into an action to be used wherever you'd like.

First set both the foreground and background colors. Generally I set the foreground to the color I'd like and then the background to a shade darker. Fill a layer with the foreground color and go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds. The color of the clouds will be your background color.

On the same layer go to Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise

On the same layer we are going to use the Filter Gallery:

Under texture choose "texturizer" and use the following settings:

Now make a new layer above and fill with the foreground color.

We are going to use the Filter Gallery again, this time under Sketch choose "Half Tone Pattern." The "size" will determine how wide the corrugation is. Also, the colors you have selected as the foreground and background colors will be used to make the "stripes."

On the same layer set the blending mode to "Darken" at 90%.

Duplicate that layer and change the blending mode to "Normal" at 75%.

Let's add a little more texture to the top layer by going to Filter -> Distort - > Ripple

Duplicate that layer and to the new layer go to Filter -> Other -> High Pass

Set the blending mode to "Soft Light" at 75%.

Original tutorial here.

Wow! thank you so much, i love learning new skills!!

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Thanks a bunch for this tutorial. This is better than taking pictures of cardboard and trying to adjust in photoshop.

Cool tutorial! Thanks for teaching me something new.

Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

Yes, it seems a bit more intricate, but your results are amazing. Love it! xoxox Beth

Thank you very much for this tutorial!

Looks like fun. Another tutorial I am going to have to take time to try. Thanks to putting the tutorial together.

I love a new tutorial!! Thanks Marisa!

I love tutorials and this one is really cool!!! Thanks so much!!!

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Thank you for such a well set out tutorial.

This will be fantastic for my masculine themed cards! Thanks tons for this tutorial! smiley

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Thank you! Great tutorial!!

Just made my first corrugated cardboard. Thanks!

Brilliant!! How did you learn all of these wonderful things?...guess I went to the wrong school smiley

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Love this tutorial! I am a sucker for papers. =P Thanks so much!

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Thank you for the tutorial! I'm going to have to try this!

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Great tutorial - thank you!

Thanks for such a detailed tutorial. I appreciate all the screen shots .

Wow! Cool tutorial!

thank you so much for this tutorial Marisa..

Yippee! I finished a tutorial : )

Thanks for sharing this with us Marisa. I love doing tutorials for Photoshop... I primarily use Paint Shop Pro for graphics and I need to learn more about Photoshop so I can get the most out of it!