Make a Folded Ribbon from a Flat Ribbon

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Make a Folded Ribbon from a Flat Ribbon

I've already brought the ribbon I want to use into Photoshop. Using the marquee tool I'm going to select a chunk, copy it and paste it (ctrl+c, ctrl+v).

Duplicate the layer you've just made, so you have two pieces of the ribbon. I'm going to rotate them so they are vertical (ctrl+t) and then give them each a different tilt.

Zooming in on the top, I've aligned the corners of the ribbons so they match as best I can. Then, using the eraser tool I'm just going to erase the parts of the ribbon that are showing from behind.

Now, for the bottom of the ribbon, I'm going to use the lasso tool and select part of the bottom to delete. Do this for both layers. Add a little shadow and you're finished! I also like to add staple and eyelets to give it a little flair!

Ack... I had no idea this was so simple! Going to try tonight! Thanks for sharing

Great tutorial. I'm going to have to try this.


Really neat! I was wondering how you put the eyelet in it to make it look so realistic! Like this:

Thank you for the great tutorial. This is just what I've been looking for! Does anyone know of a tutorial for making ribbons with more than one fold? I'd love to learn how and I haven't seen a tutorial. Thank you.

@Nancy: Just put the eyelet on top and erase the parts of the ribbon behind the eyelet. Super easy!

Love this tutorial.

As always, you make everything seem so easy! smiley

This tut is Beyond Fantastic!!!

I sure have been making these the hard way...hahaha!
Thanks so much for saving me a ton of time since I'll be doing it
your way from now on! smiley

I don't get into much more than recoloring and rotating elements. This tutorial gives me another tip to personalize my layouts. Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Huh, who knew!? I guess not this gal...

I have been out of the loop with digiscrapping for a while. Time to relearn everything I knew before in my PSE.

This was fun I did it and love it.

That sounds easy, will try it in PSE, thanks for sharing. smiley

Thank you.

Wow! This is really nice!

This was a little more difficult to do in Corel PSP but I did manage to find a way to create a lovely folded ribbon from a ribbon that I had created. Thank you so much for this tutorial!


Dang, that was so simple once you showed me how to do it! LOL.

I have to try this!

It's such a simple technique - thanks for sharing it!

I can definitely use this technique. Thanks!

Yep, I was trying to make it too difficult! Thanks for showing me the RIGHT way to do it!

Thank you for this tutorial. This will extend my stash of ribbons smiley

thank you for taking time to show us this!

Jeesh, I consider myself pretty savvy but now I have my doubts! I've been erasing the parts of the ribbon on the bottom edges after I "fold" the ribbon. Didn't think about using the lasso tool. I can be such a ditz at times! smiley Thanks for the tutorial. Can't wait to peruse the rest of them!

This is great - I'm going to give it a try smiley Thank you.

thank u


Wow - so much simpler than I would have guessed! Thanks!

It's funny how the smallest steps, make the biggest changes!