Make This Paper - Asymmetrical Layered Paper

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Make This Paper - Asymmetrical Layered Paper

This look is really easy to achieve. All you need is the polygonal lasso tool.

On a new layer make a asymmetrical selection. You just need to click to the corners of the shape.

Fill the selection.

Repeat on a new layer.

Now bring in the papers you want to use.

Clip them to the new layers.

Part 2 of this tutorial is here. Please leave links here to any assets/templates you would like to see behind the scenes.

thanks so much!! can't wait to try this! these kinds of tuts are so helpful and lots of fun to play with smiley

A big shout of thanks to who(m)ever asked for this tutorial and to Marisa for providing the answer. The directions are so clear and easy. I was able to make my own page for this week's challenge by following the steps!

Woohoo! Thanks for sharing! You are such a great tutorial writer! You make it so simple.

whoo hoo!!! thanks so much Marisa!! off to learn about the fake doodle border now. smiley

Thank you!!

Thank you

Thanks so much!!

Very nice! Going to use this technique on my next layout. Thank you!

Thank you for the tutorial. Now off to practice.

Definitely will try this! Thanks! smiley

Ohhh! I never thought of making one assymetrical. I always line them up, but that looks neater.

This looks like it's so fun to make! Can't wait to give it a try.

Thank you! smiley

I am going to give this a try right now. This is awesome... smiley it.

Great idea - thanks!

Very nice, thanks so much smiley

Sweet! I love this look so I'm going to continue to play around with this.

awesome - so quick, simple and easy to do when you show how to do it - thank you

.:.Thank you.:.

I am enjoying these tuts thank you. I am hoping I can use them in as well.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

From one lesson to another... lots to learn

Thank you for the tutorial Marisa! smiley

awesome.. thanks!! smiley

Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

Thank you for sharing !

wow, it was easy to understand, just had to do this in paintshop pro x2.

I love these tutorials. I wish I'd found this site months ago. Very glad to have found it now smiley

Thank you very much, I have exactly that Photoshop software .. spite of at the moment I am working with the most basic software called Scrapbook MAX which is not bad at all, but it makes me happy to know I could simply use Photoshop software, without the immediate need to purchase the full software there, great!